Perfectly Preserve Every Moment with Custom Presentation Boxes

Perfectly Preserve Every Moment with Custom Presentation Boxes

It’s no secret that, here at Nations Photo Lab, we’re big fans of preserving every moment in print. But, if you’re printing picture after picture, you may start asking yourself, what do I do with all of these Prints?

Enter: custom presentation boxes! What is a Custom Presentation Box? It’s a way to hold up to 100 5x7” or 8x10” Prints with a customizable lid, filled with your choice of black tissue paper, white tissue paper, or shredded kraft, and finished with your choice of a black or white ribbon.

Often used by professional photographers when they sell Prints to their clients, there are a couple of different, innovative ways you can use our custom packaging options.

Organize a year in Prints.

Doing your yearly printing all at once? Put every Print for the year in a Custom Presentation Box! You can either use our premade templates, or you can make one yourself in a tool like Adobe Photoshop or Canva. Now you have one (or two) boxes per year, all neatly organized in your home.

Custom presentation box featuring baby photos

Gift a bunch of family photos to grandparents.

Have a new little love in your life, or did you just get a fresh set of family portraits done? Nobody loves pics of the family more than grandparents! Get them their own box filled with family memories, so they can show you off and adorn their home with your photos.

Custom presentation boxes with travel imagery

Put your favorite travel photos in one place.

Typically, I go on one big vacation each year, and I leave that vacation with hundreds of photos on my camera roll. From there, I narrow down to my favorites and edit them. With a Custom Presentation Box, all the photos from your travels can live in one place.

Two custom presentation boxes featuring Save The Date imagery

Make one box per big life event.

Maybe you’re getting married, or your first born is graduating high school. Custom Presentation Boxes are perfect for organizing your photos by event – keeping memories from these momentous occasions secure and accessible for viewing for generations.

Wood box with photo sitting on desk

Don’t forget about Wood Boxes!

Our Wood Boxes were designed to hold our Custom USBs, but did you know that they can also hold a bunch of 4x4” square Prints? Pick a picture for the top of the box that best describes the photo inside, or go into Canva and create an image with some text of the date and event name.

How do you organize your Photo Prints? Read more about our photo organizing tips here!