How Our Photography Community is Spreading Joy During COVID-19

How Our Photography Community is Spreading Joy During COVID-19

From postponed weddings to canceled shoots, the COVID-19 pandemic has put a halt on photography businesses across the world. During this time of isolation, it's more important than ever that we stay connected and support these amazing businesses while keeping our social distance.

Our community has risen up to the challenges and uncertainty ahead by finding ways to spread joy doing what they love most. Amazing photographers across the country are sharing their stories of porch portraits, neighborhood photoshoots, and charity efforts during these unprecedented times.

Michelle Wolff Photography

front porch family photo

"Taking these photographs has been a simple break from the isolation, a chance to come outside and be together in this way. To help us remember this difficult and intense time, but perhaps also the time that brought us all closer together. These days are challenging for every single one of us, but moments of joy are still happening and I am thankful to be there to capture a part of them." - Michelle

Dave Puente Photography


"I wanted to give somebody something that they could hang on the wall and in a few years look back on it and in such a frantic and scary time see something beautiful” - Dave

A Local Photo

family dressed up on porch

"I am a lifestyle photographer from Point Pleasant NJ and live in a small community where everyone knows everyone. I started following the lead of photographer and originator of The Front Steps Project, Cara Soulia to document "#porchtraits". We are in this unique time in history where there are so many people home in their houses. People are working from home, their kids are home, and we're all just together under our roofs. It's such a unique time in our history and feels like it needs to be documented." - Alexis Wood

Jill Mahoney Photography

family on front porch

"The idea was actually not mine. I saw Photographer, Cara Soulia doing something similar and I was super bored. So I emailed her and ask her if I could join up with this fun idea. We just put it out there, on social media, that we were willing to come to people's homes in the Pearland area and take about a five-minute session with them right outside their front door. No super special lighting or posing. We encourage them just to be their selves. Just for a good memory to look back on this really hard time that we are all going through.

In exchange for me going to their house and taking their pictures and giving them the files I only asked that they tag me in their picture and make a nice donation to a local Charity. It has been a win-win for everyone! I have met a ton of new people and brought a couple of smiles to social media! I love what I do!" - Jill

Sabrina Jill Photography

Young girl in minnie costume

"I thought it would be fun to take my camera on our family walks and take photos of the neighborhood families while they were out, but I realized that I wanted to "hear" from them too. On our neighborhood Facebook page I put the call out and so many people loved the idea, so I set up an email with a model release along with a mini "interview" and let them know when I would be out walking. I stay on the sidewalk, they stay on their porch {much further than 6 feet}, and we "connect" for that 60 seconds. We laugh at the awkwardness. Moms usually linger after the family goes inside and from the porch to the sidewalk we talk, we confide.

I am a family documentary photographer and filmmaker, so I know that this is important for these families to have just this tiny glimpse in time to look back on. I post a photo and a quote from the email interview once a day on our neighborhood page. It seems to be the one thing there is no argument over, lol! My hope is that when they log onto social media, and see another neighbor, that they get some comfort in knowing we are all in this together." - Sabrina

Naftali Marasow

"My name is Naftali Marasow, I am a freelance photographer in Brooklyn. I started this project to bring happiness to people in this difficult time while raising money for Hatzalah which is an EMT service. They are always the first to respond to emergencies. Through this project, I hope to raise awareness for these heroes, as well as bring joy to my community!" - Naftali

Joy Collective Photography

family posing on porch

"A couple of days after the Governor established an official stay home order for the state of Louisiana, I was browsing social media and learned of a project that a fellow central Louisiana photographer and friend (Duana Juneau) was participating in called The Front Steps Project. A little research revealed that the project had recently been initiated by Cara Soulia, a photographer out of Boston. I was instantly in LOVE with her project and decided I could use this opportunity to break up the monotony of each day under "quarantine" while bringing my community together in spirit as well as in charity.

I offered to provide these free, socially distanced mini-shoots to any family willing to make donations to the local food bank, blood bank or other charity actively working to provide essential services during this unprecedented pandemic. I'm barely a week into the project and what was just starting out as an initiative to document a historical event has turned out to be so much more. In tiny doses of distanced interaction, I have learned that all the "doomsday" negativity, judgment and arguing I see on my social media news feed is NOT reality in my community. What's REAL here is HOPE. It's FAITH OVER FEAR. We as a community are rediscovering what is TRULY important. Family, Community, and most of all...LOVE." - Abigail Blalock

Mary Brunst

couple posing on front porch

"#TheFrontStepsProject has been an incredibly fun and heartwarming project to be a part of. It's wonderful to see the community coming together to help Micah Clark, and others immunocompromised like him, while documenting this unusual season of our lives. We've never lived through something like this before, and while I'm not at all making light of current circumstances or the seriousness of the issues at hand, I think it's also important to hold space for the good things that are happening as well.

It’s not all fear and uncertainty, sickness and pandemic… we are taking quality time to spend with our families, neighbors are helping neighbors, we are learning new hobbies, reading new books, we have the technology to virtually spend time with our friends, we are reaching out and checking in on those we care about (and maybe haven’t talked to in a while), and creating new habits… good things and joyful moments are still happening. I want to help us remember those moments. While of course, like you, practicing safe and significant social distancing during this unprecedented time." - Mary Brunst

How are you spreading joy during these uncertain times? We want to hear from you!

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