The Perfect Prints Size Guide

The Perfect Prints Size Guide

If you’re anything like me, you have a set schedule of printing so your memories don’t sit forgotten on your Instagram feed or an old, dusty hard drive.

The question that can overwhelm me sometimes is: what size should I print my photos? It can be hard to choose when there are more than 60 options! Here are a few ideas for your next printing session.

Prints hanging on string display

If you’re filling up a shoebox, photo album, or wall grid…

Go small – think 4x6”s or 5x7”s. These sizes are perfect for tossing in an album or stacking a shoebox, plus they’re easy to switch out in your photo grid.

Psst: I also like to print out 4x6”s of me & my friends to send to them in a card. It’s a thoughtful keepsake for them, plus a guarantee you’ll hold a spot on their fridge.

If you’re displaying school photos, portraits, or selfies…

Try small Prints, like 8x10”s or 5x7”s. As an example, my grandmom has a whole wall dedicated to her grandkids – it’s 11 framed 8x10”s in a row with our most recent school photos. Since we’ve all long-since graduated, it’s now a testament to bad haircuts, confused skin complexions, and our ultimate glow-ups.

Hanging Prints on the wall

If you’re starting a gallery wall…

Of course, this varies based on the wall space in your home, but if you really want to make an impact, use medium and large Prints. Start with 11x14”s and 16x20”s – which are even good sizes for most smartphone photos. You can even add larger pieces – like 20x24”s or 30x40”s – as the focal point of your wall.

Large Print on display in bedroom

If you have a ton of travel shots…

Your travel photos – beaches, landscapes, architecture, nature, sunsets, et cetera – definitely deserve to be big. (At least 20x24"!) Show off your colorful adventures, and give your guests extreme FOMO.

If you want a display that’s super easy to add to…

Use squares! If you’re not quite sure of your vision yet, square Prints are easy to add to as you please. All you have to do is make sure you’re even on both sides of your grid! 8x8"s are a great medium size to start on any wall.

Artwork on display

If you’re exhibiting your work…

This can vary depending on the competition or exhibit, but, if you have the choice, go large. There’s something really special about seeing your work displayed with spotlights on it as a 30x40”. As judges, attendees, and fellow exhibitors pass by, they’ll be enamored with your photos!

What are you waiting for? Your memories don’t belong on your hard drive – print them out today using the Nations Photo Lab mobile app!

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