Grad popping champagne

A Parent's Guide to Senior Portraits

What’s one moment that parents dream of when their children are born? Seeing their son or daughter take those few steps across the commencement stage, get their diploma, and move the tassel from one side to the other.

Now, it's here: graduation season is officially upon us! Whether your grad is moving on from high school or college, it’s a huge milestone in their lives and should be celebrated appropriately.

Most schools have a designated photographer for senior portraits (or maybe you selected your own!), leaving you with a ton of great shots of your favorite grad. Don't let these beautiful photos go unseen!

Wallet Prints featuring senior grad

Give them to family members

You may have an 8x10” Framed Print of your grad already displayed in your living room. Or, if you’re my mom, you have two 24x36” Framed Prints featured right when someone enters the house, which is not at all embarrassing. But, why not share the love with other family members, too? Wallet Prints are great for grandparents, aunts & uncles, or even those family friends who watched them grow up.

Use as grad cap decoration

Small Prints, like a couple of 4x4” squares, are perfect for your grad to decorate their cap. No matter where you find a seat in the audience, you’ll be able to pick out your grad among the crowd!

Cards announcing the graduate

Announce your grad in style

Pick your favorite from your son or daughter’s photo session and place it front and center on a Graduation Announcement card. They're the perfect way to give everyone an update on your grad's next steps.

Guests signing Graduation guest books

Add to grad party decor

Give your grad party some personal touches and use those great photos you already have! 5x7” Prints can be mounted and used as centerpieces. Or, have your guests sign a grad board or Photo Book with their best wishes.

How do you plan to celebrate your grad? Tell us in the comments!