Multi-Generational Photos To Take This Father's Day 

Multi-Generational Photos To Take This Father's Day 

Father’s Day is around the corner and we're here to help ensure your next family get together is well documented. As every holiday comes and goes we often forget to pause and snap the moments you'll thank yourself later for. Try these fun photo ideas this Father's Day!

Dad with the kids

Oftentimes more than not, the parents are behind the lens snapping photos of the kids at every event. This year, make it a point to actually jump in with them. As the years go by it will be so special to look back on how each family member has grown and for a good laugh, how styles have changed!

Grandpa and his Grandkids

Who wouldn’t want a photo of them and their grandpa when they get older? Make sure you snap solos with each kid and their grandparents when you get a chance. These are the special moments that make great gifts, so keep holidays and birthdays in mind Calendars, Photo Books, and Photo Mugs when snapping away! Your kids will also cherish these pictures forever and will one day want to frame them in their own homes.


Sometimes the best captured moments are the unplanned and candid ones. The one where grandad is giving the kids a bite of desert or the uncles are all flipping burgers on the grill. You don’t have to have coordinated outfits and a perfectly planned pose to capture beautiful moments.

The group shot

For this never easy to snap photo, try enlisting the help of a trusty tripod. You don’t need anything fancy, just an easy mobile phone stand that comes with a wireless remote. Get the group together and click the remote a bunch of times for a ton of photos! You’ll likely end up with at least one of everyone looking with eyes open and it will take less than 30 seconds to capture a photo of the special day.

All hands on deck

You’ve seen these sentimental photos taken on wedding days with the bride, her mom, and grandmother showcasing their rings but we think this special photo could also be so special to take on Father’s Day. Especially if there are any baby hands in the family because honestly what could be cuter? Just start with the eldest generation and place each hand on top of each other until you get to the youngest and have someone snap a photo. We recommend a black and white filter to give it a timeless look.

Recreate a classic family photo

It’s not everyday that the entire family gets together, so when you have the whole gang at a party, try recreating a childhood classic photo. Whether it's your Dad and his brothers on the front stoop or all the grandkids dog-piled on top of each other at the beach, try and make the moment again. Not only do these photos make the best memories but imagine giving Grandma or Grandpa the old and recreated photo for Christmas. Talk about winning the holidays!

If you’re looking to make your photos look a bit more professional, try editing your images with a Free Lightroom Preset. This will give your images a more cohesive, sharp look.

How will you be capturing your family at the next holiday party?

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