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How to Stylishly Incorporate Photos Into Your Home

Adding personal touches to your interior design is what makes a house a home and we think nothing does that quite as well as photography. Whether you are decorating a room from scratch or giving one a refresh, adding photos into your design can make all the difference. Since we know this is no easy feat, we’ve gathered some tips from design pros to help you stylishly incorporate photography into that room begging for a little TLC.

1. Choose uniquely similar photos

living room home decor

If you like a classic space and nothing too busy, choose a small number of nearly identical images to feature. Our friend Danielle of @thehousegoat, stuck with black and white large format Prints of her little ones to dress up a big wall in her living space. The two images are shot in the same style making them flow together perfectly. She hung them in identical frames and used the white space in the shot to create a major contrast to the focus of the photos.

2. Theme your gallery wall

Metal Print gallery wall

When creating a feature wall, make sure to stick with a theme. Monica of Monica Marie Design used her wedding as a theme for a gorgeous gallery wall in her home. Because she printed all of her images on 24x24 Metal Prints, she was able to create a cohesive, geometric well-styled gallery wall. The standoffs give her a contemporary edge and she has the memory of her favorite day hanging proudly in her home.

3. Mind the color in the images

Blue toned gallery wall

Select images that have colors that match the aesthetic of your space. Bree of Baked Bree used all blue tones in her home which made the mixing of mediums and elements in her gallery wall flow perfectly. This is a great idea when working with a larger wall or open space.

4. Use framed prints as accents

If you don’t want to fill your walls with photos add them into your home decor in a more subtle way. Incorporate your loved ones into your home by adding framed prints to shelf decor, consoles, or your coffee table. We love mixing in decor objects, greenery, and books to add some extra dimension. You can achieve this style so many ways and you can change out pieces to easily give yourself a room refresh!

There are endless options when it comes to adding photos stylishly into your home! We love how photography can bring you back to the most special place in time and add so much love to your space. How have you incorporated photos into your home decor?

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