Decorated Graduation Cap

2 Creative Craft Ideas for Grads

Graduation season is here again! Make sure you're ready to walk across the stage (or hit the graduation party circuit) in style with these two quick-but-fun photo crafts!

DIY Graduation Cap

What better way to celebrate senior year than with a graduation cap decked out in your favorite photos? This crafty cap takes only minutes to create, and looks great in graduation day pics.


  • Graduation cap
  • Alphabet stickers
  • (2) thumbtacks
  • Spool of twine or thin ribbon
  • Clear tape
  • (3) 4x4” Photo Prints


1. Cut a 12 inch length of the twine or ribbon.

2. Fasten the twine to the cap using two thumbtacks. Wrap the twine around the thumbtack once and cut any leftover twine.

3. Pin each Print to the twine.

Pin print to twine using mini clothespins

Use clear tape to adhere the bottom of each Print to the cap. You don't want these to fall off while you're on stage, do you?!

4. Customize the rest with stickers.

Michaels has a great selection of stickers for every occasion. Just be sure to buy stickers that will fit in the space between your Prints!

5. Walk across the stage in style!


DIY Graduation Poster

Graduation photo collages are fun custom display pieces for graduation parties. Plus, they’re fantastic gifts for friends to take to college with them!


  • 16x20” poster board
  • 16x20” frame
  • Pencil
  • Paint pens or acrylic paint
  • Clear tape or craft glue
  • 4x4” Photo Prints



1. Print your photos.

2. Trace your graduation year on the poster board, leaving extra room for the zero.

3. Arrange the 4x4” Photo Prints within the space where the zero would be. Adhere the Prints to the poster board using clear tape.

3. Paint (or draw) over the remaining numbers and let dry.

4. Place in a frame or on an easel to show off your senior year memories with pride!

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