7 Gift Ideas for Your First Wedding Anniversary

7 Gift Ideas for Your First Wedding Anniversary

There are a lot of traditions that you may or may not opt in for your wedding: a first look, having something borrowed or blue, wearing a veil. But, did you know there are also some traditions surrounding wedding anniversary gifts?

Yup, that’s right: there’s a specific theme for anniversary gifts for each year 1-15 and then at five-year intervals after that. (Did you know the theme for the 11th anniversary is steel? Kind of random, but I can get behind it.)

So, what’s the theme for anniversary gifts after one year of wedded bliss? Paper! Back in the old days, paper was handmade and more expensive than it is today. Also, it’s symbolic of the first year of marriage: somewhat fragile yet able to withstand the words written on it for a lifetime – if handled with love and care.

If you want to try your hand at a themed anniversary gift this year, check out our ideas for first wedding anniversary gifts:

7 gift ideas for your first wedding anniversary

A stack of memories

Print out all of your favorite selfies, adventures, wedding snaps, honeymoon pics, and more. You can even gift them by placing them in one of our custom wood boxes (perfect for 4x4"s!). There’s a year full of memories you get to hold in your hands!

first anniversary gift suggestions

Tell your love story in a book

Bound your love in an archival book that lasts for years. Or, have you neglected creating your wedding album? Now, it’s the perfect anniversary gift!

anniversary presents for the first year

Set up an anniversary photo shoot

Relive your wedding day by getting a portrait session done with your wedding photographer! (Then, get those photos printed!) You can take this opportunity to dress up, or you can opt for more casual portraits.

Feeling adventurous? Do a boudoir shoot! (You can read our tips for what to expect here.)

celebrating one year with these gift ideas

Get some custom note cards

Did your partner recently change their name? Get them a set of Custom Stationery with their new name!

Everlasting flowers

I love getting flowers, but it’s always disappointing when they inevitably die. But, did you know you can get flowers that last forever with a paper bouquet? Paper Rose Co. can even create a paper bouquet that matches the one from your wedding day!

first wedding anniversary gifts to consider

Put some spotlight on your love

A Framed Print is a great way to showcase your love for one another. In addition to framing photos from your wedding day, you can also memorialize some other parts of your wedding day. Get a print of a map that’s significant to you as a couple – like the place you met, or the place where you were married. Or, design and print your vows or the lyrics to your first dance song!

An unforgettable experience

Spending quality time is always a great way to commemorate an anniversary. Stick with the paper theme and get tickets to something your partner will love, like a book reading, a concert, a show, et cetera.

P.S. Are you at your 10th wedding anniversary? (Congrats!) The theme for gifts that year is aluminum! We’ve got this one covered: our vibrant Metal Prints are created by infusing your image onto raw aluminum.

Thank you to Ashley Vanley Photography for the photos featured in this blog post!

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