7 Different Ideas for Your Holiday Card Photo

7 Different Ideas for Your Holiday Card Photo

When you’re sorting through photos and looking for the perfect one to put on your holiday cards, you’re probably passing through some outtakes. You might even think, I would never use this image on my holiday card.

But, why not? Who said that every year your holiday card has to promote perfection? We think every moment matters, so try going beyond the normal holiday card photo this year! Here’s some inspiration for your alternative holiday card photos:

New Year Cheer Nations Photo Lab Holiday Card Design: New Year Cheer

Action shots

Your holiday card photo doesn’t have to be posed – get an action shot of your kids playing! It’s authentic and really cute.

Different Ideas for Your Holiday Card Photo Design: Jingle Bell Memories

An outtake

Okay, so maybe someone’s eyes are closed or there’s some hair blowing in the wind – but isn’t that how life is sometimes? Memorialize your family how they are!

Something super silly

Maybe one day your child decided to get dressed up as a hot dog and it wasn’t even Halloween. Moments like those can’t be replicated, so why not put them front and center on your holiday card?

Their very first moment

There’s something extra aww-worthy about that very first moment your new joy came to be. Share it with your family and friends!

creative holiday card picture suggestions Design: Holiday Wish

That extra photo shoot

Perhaps the loves of your life are your furry best friends. Showcase them with photos from your extra special studio glamour shots.

Our Year Nations Photo Lab Holiday Card Design: Our Year

The mood of the year

Let’s be real: 2020 put a lot of us through the ringer. Why not express that sentiment on your holiday card with one of your mini-session outtakes?

diverse ideas for holiday card photos Design: What A Colorful World

Your travels

Your holiday card is a great place to showcase somewhere you’ve been this year, so why not pick a few pictures of your explorations from this year’s camping trip?

What image will you put on your holiday cards? Check out our 2020 Holiday Card Collection today!

Thank you to Lyndsay Hannah Photography for some of the images featured in this post!