Tips for Fostering, Adopting and Celebrating a New Furfriend During A Pandemic

Tips for Fostering, Adopting and Celebrating a New Furfriend During A Pandemic

Guest post by Christina Cookson of Wag Your Tail Photography:

Even though we are living in times of uncertainty, there are things we can do to not only lessen our own fears and anxiety but also help others in need. Fostering or adopting shelter and rescue animals is one of the greatest ways to do both of those things! There is nothing more wonderful than bringing a foster or newly adopted pet into your life, especially during these crazy times. The benefits to you both, as well as to other homeless animals, are immeasurable.

And what better way to celebrate your new friend than with a fun photo session? It is such a fun way to pamper them and capture them smiling ear to ear in their new home. While professional photographers are currently not doing sessions in compliance with government orders, luckily, there is a fun and easy way for YOU to capture and celebrate fosters and adopted pets in the comfort of your home! Here are a couple of tips for doing just that.

It’s All About That Light + Background

Dog posing for camera

Most importantly, find the area in your home that has the most natural light. If you have a stylish loveseat or stool it can serve as a beautiful and comfy posing spot for your furry friend. If you have a plain background available, like a white or solid bold-colored wall, that will help focus the attention on your pet and add contrast.

Sit, Lay or Whatever

cat posing for camera

A sitting pose is always cute, but laying down, high-fiving or looking up at you are unique and adorable poses that really showcase your furbaby’s personality. Make some funny squeaky noises to get some epic head-tilt action. Keep that phone or camera nearby at all times and take lots of snaps. Pets move quick and those adorable moments come and pass quickly. Have a treat handy to bribe and reward your pet when it nails the shot. Fair warning, this will take a couple of tries as patience is the name of this game. Breaks are highly encouraged as pets lose focus quickly.

Perspective, Perspective, Perspective

cat posing on chair

With pets especially, the perspective of the shot is crucial. Instead of taking a photo simply standing in front of your pet, crouch down or sit in front of your pet to get eye-level with them. Or try getting right above your pet to get a “birds-eye view”. And get up close and personal! This will provide a beautifully focused and unique perspective of the animal that is a lot more striking and impactful.

Photo Apps To Perfect That Pic

two dogs posing for camera

After you have your shot, don’t be afraid to use one of the many great photo apps that can help brighten and adjust contrast/color your photo. A little adjustment and boom, you’ve got yourself an awesome self-made pet portrait!

Special Props

dog on gotcha day

If you’re celebrating a foster or newly adopted pet, consider incorporating a fun sign that says “Adopt Me” or “Happy Gotcha Day” to place beside the pet or hang around their neck loosely with some twine. Or add a fun accessory like a bow-tie or capture some fun pics of the pup or kitty chowing down on a foster/adopted celebration treat!

Finally, if are able to foster, adopt, or even volunteer in some other way, reach out to your local animal shelter or rescue for more information. Remember to have fun with the experience, spoil your new fur-friend with attention, be patient and love on them!

Thank you to Wag Your Tail Photography for the imagery used in this post.

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