4 Ways To Celebrate Mom From A Distance

4 Ways To Celebrate Mom From A Distance

When I was younger, my family and I would celebrate my mom every Mother’s Day with a day trip to the Jersey shore. We’d eat dinner together at a seafood restaurant on the docks then take a walk on the boardwalk while eating ice cream from Kohr’s Bros. When my brother and I moved to Baltimore, that tradition shifted to my parents driving down to Baltimore for dinner (my mom can’t get enough of Maryland crab cakes), but our family was still able to get together every year.

That’s changing this year, thanks to the spread of coronavirus. I’m really sad to be missing out on sharing crab cakes with my mom, but that doesn’t mean she’ll go uncelebrated this year.

If you’re spending Mother’s Day away from Mom, here are a few ways to celebrate her from a distance:

Deliver something thoughtful.

Choose a local delivery service to send Mom something sweet – like flowers, chocolate, or maybe the newest book by her favorite author.

Take care of the cooking.

If your Mom looks forward to a fancy brunch or dinner every Mother’s Day, you can make that happen! A lot of local restaurants are doing curbside takeout or delivery, so treat your Mom! (Want Mom to choose? Get her a gift card to UberEats or GrubHub.)

Make virtual plans.

Spend time together virtually! Try taking an online cooking class together or DIY-ing your own wine tasting (just send her the wines you’re trying first!). You can even create a spa day at home – complete with matching face masks, trendy press-on nail sets, champagne, etc – over Zoom.

Send her a cherished memory.

There’s nothing like looking back on one of your favorite memories in print. Send mom a printed photo of one of those moments. (Looking for more gift ideas? Read this!)

How are you celebrating Mother’s Day this year?

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