Take Creative Back-to-School Photos At Home

Take Creative Back-to-School Photos At Home

Another summer ends, another school year starts! Of course, you want to commemorate the new year with one of those classic first day of school photos.

With many schools switching to virtual learning at home, this school year is definitely different, but you can still get a creative back-to-school photo at home! Here are some ideas to try for the 2020-2021 school year:

Capture your kid in their (virtual) element.

You worked hard to set up your child’s space for their at-home learning! Show it off, like in this picture above by @xicana_mama.

Strike a pose in front of your school!

Even if you’re not going inside, you can still take a picture in front of the entrance. This way your child can still feel connected to the school!

Keep the dress code.

If your child’s school has a uniform or a dress code, have them wear it for a back-to-school photo even though they won’t be wearing it all day.

Make it special.

Since this school year is anything but normal, go above and beyond – like @littlewishesparties did with this fun balloon setup!

Have fun with it.

We’re certainly living in some strange times – why not have fun with your back-to-school photo? Put on your mask and strike a pose in the (otherwise empty) schoolyard. You’ll look back on this time and laugh.

Create your own back-to-school photo classics.

Feeling nostalgic for those fun and zany back-to-school portraits? Make them yourself! For a quick phone pic, snap a picture of your little one on a white background, then superimpose it onto a backgrounds - click here to download ones we've created for you!

Photoshop not your thing? Download one of our poster-sized backgrounds, then get it mounted on a 20x24" Print. Place it behind your child in a photograph and you have an amazing retro photo!

Don’t forget a teacher’s first day at school, too!

If you’re a teacher, take a moment to breathe and snap a selfie to mark your first day of a new year.

Now that you’ve taken the perfect back-to-school photo, get it printed so it lasts forever.

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