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6 Tips for Envy-Inducing Honeymoon Photos

After a year (or more!) of planning, your wedding is over. But, the celebration doesn’t end there!

Your honeymoon is a time for you and your spouse to spend time as just the two of you doing whatever makes you happiest. Here are our tips for capturing the best parts of your honeymoon.

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Don’t be afraid to ask a local for help.

There’s absolutely no shame in asking a passerby to take a picture in front of the Eiffel Tower. Pro tip: if you see someone with a DSLR, there’s a better chance they’ll deliver a photo you love. Plus, you might get some inside scoop on the thing you have to do while in town.

Or, get the right equipment.

No, we’re not talking selfie sticks (talk about passé). If you don’t want to ask a stranger for help, invest in a tripod and remote shutter. Want higher quality than your iPhone X provides? Register for a DSLR, or ask to borrow one from your extremely trusting friend.

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Not everything has to be posed.

Don’t let your camera feed become one picture after another of the same pose: husband/wife standing, with an awkward smile, in front of . A couple of those photos are okay, but don’t forget to capture the candids! You’ll cherish the random smiles from your partner and the serene moments you have together.

Eating pizza in hotel room on vacation

Capture every moment.

Listen: you only get to go on your honeymoon once. Capture everything! Yes, that includes the absolutely amazing pizza you ate in Napoli or the five-star digs you got randomly upgraded to in London.

Time your activities right.

Depending on when & where you go for your honeymoon, you may be in an area swamped with tourists. That doesn’t mean all of your pictures have to include you and 45 strangers! Typically, the earlier you wake up, the less tourists will be roaming around. Pick one or two mornings to be early birds and enjoy more peaceful surroundings.

Don’t leave the photos on your phone or camera!

The reason you take photos is so you can relive your favorite memories, right? Then, don’t just leave those memories in the digital world! Get a honeymoon Buzz Book printed, put your favorite landscapes or sunsets on a Metal Print, or your absolute favorite in a Framed Print.

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