50 Winter Family Photo Ideas

50 Winter Family Photo Ideas

In winter, the air gets cooler, snow starts to fall, and the landscapes around us completely change. Winter is the best season to capture snowy scenes, family traditions, and cozy nights together. Check out our list of 50 family moments to capture this winter, and see if you can photograph every one! Be sure to add your own ideas in the comments below to keep the list growing:

winter family photo ideas

1. Going on a snowy hike

2. Making snow angels

3. Baking cookies together

4. Hitting the slopes with your skis

5. Building a family of snowpeople

6. Drinking cider around a bonfire

family photography in winter

7. Ice skating

8. Sledding with your neighbors

9. Gazing at the stars on a clear night

10. Knitting cozy socks

11. Family footprints in the snow

12. Icicles hanging from the trees

winter-themed family photo concepts

13. The first snowfall of the season

14. Twinkling city lights

15. Capturing macro snowflakes

16. Snowy fields and landscapes

17. A lighthouse by the sea

ideas for winter family photos

18. Half-frozen water landscapes

19. An epic snowball fight

20. The sun setting over fallen snow

21. A mixture of sand and snow at the beach

22. The early morning winter glow

23. Patterns in ice

24. Birds headed south

25. Your high-end latte art

creative winter family photography

26. A winter cabin in the forest

27. A doe and her young ones

28. Frost on your windows

29. Cozying up under the blankets

30. Playing with your holiday presents

31. Your pooch in their winter attire

32. New Year fireworks

seasonal family photo inspiration

33. The view from your window

34. Blowing snow at the camera

35. Visiting a tree farm

36. Winter logs all stacked up

37. Taking a sleigh ride

38. Reading bedtime stories to your little ones

39. Ice fishing

40. Frost on some winter plants

winter outdoor family portraits

41. Some winter birds in the trees

42. A weekend at the cabin

43. Trying a new chili recipe

44. Making a gingerbread house

45. Building a fire in your fireplace

46. Building a fort together

47. A frozen lake

48. Soaking in a natural hot spring

capturing winter family moments

49. Driving a snowmobile

50. Decorating cookies festively

Now that you have a whole camera roll full of winter memories, make sure you get them printed. Your landscapes and family moments will look great on our vibrant Metal Prints!

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