5 Reasons to Create a Collage Print

5 Reasons to Create a Collage Print

There are a million reasons to capture your favorite moments in a collage. But instead of having to get out the scissors, paper, and glue, we can make it a little easier for you. Enter the Collage Print — a perfect way to memorialize any occasion or tell a story of a time you’ll never forget. With more than 35 different design options, there are so many reasons to create a Collage Print. To get you thinking about the possibilities, here are five reasons we think you should create a Collage Print soon.

Collage Print Our Vows

1. Share Your Vows

Your love story is unique to you, and what better way to memorialize that then choosing your favorite moments together and putting them in one gorgeous print. You’ll be able to remember the best of times every time you walk into the room and let others who enter your home enjoy them, too.

Collage Print First Birthday

2. Celebrate their First Birthday

Your baby is only a baby once, so best not forget all the beautiful, messy, funny memories you’ve had with them in their first year of life. This is also a great gift for the grandparents, aunts, and uncles!

Bold Graduate

3. Celebrate your Bold Graduate

They worked hard and accomplished something big. Print a collage of your grad to display during their grad party and keep it through to remember their beginnings. Then look forward to all they’ll achieve in the future.

Collage Print Many Memories

4. Remember your Many Memories

Take your favorite moments from your favorite days and add them to a beautifully designed Collage Print. Hang your collage above your bed, in your living room or main entrance so you can treasure the memories every day.

Wanderlust Collage Print

5. Relive your Wanderlust

You took the time to plan some amazing trips this year, and we all know that we’re at our best on vacation. Keep your travels alive in a collage for each place you go!

Whatever occasion or moment you'd like to remember, a Collage Print is an excellent way to relive the memories. Check out our full collection of Collage Prints and let your creative juices flow.

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