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5 Essential Items to Keep You Looking Picture Perfect on Your Wedding Day

Almost every bride wishes to look her absolute best on her wedding day. It’s the day she’s been dreaming of since she was a child. The countless late nights scouring through Pinterest boards, flipping through bridal magazines and trying on dozens even hundreds of dresses before finding “the one” was all for this day. However, nowadays being wedding ready can come at a steep cost.

The average bride spends $1,564 on her wedding dress, around $300 for hair, makeup and pre-wedding beauty treatments, and $301 on accessories. At a grand total of $2,165 that’s a look you’ll want to make sure stays picture perfect throughout the whole day. In order to guarantee this, you should pack a few items with you that will keep you looking stunning all day long.

1. Concealer

Your makeup artist will be able to help you hide any blemishes or dark circles that you might have woken up with on your wedding day, but to ensure that they stay covered you’ll want to bring back up. Having a dual-ended concealer, such as this one, that has both green and nude hues can keep those spots in hiding. The green is great for neutralizing the red hues in your skin.

2. Strong setting spray

This all-night stay in place setting spray will do wonders for keeping your makeup intact all day. On a hot summer's day when you can’t stop sweating or when the tears start to fall as you say “I do,” this product will have your back.

3. A secure strapless bra

Sometimes it can be difficult to make sure that your dress will fit perfectly when you put it on that morning. Even after your final alteration, your body can still change slightly. Bring a strapless bra with that fits well to your body in the case that the chest area is too loose or you feel you need just a little more support.

4. Comfortable shoe inserts

Your shoes that you plan to wear down the aisle may not have seen the light of day yet. You’ll want to walk around your house in them a few times beforehand to break them in. If they’re still stiff, consider shoe inserts that add extra comfort to the shoes and help you keep them on longer. Bonus tip: these can act as your something blue!

5. Blotting Sheets

In order to avoid your face becoming too shiny in your photos, pack blotting sheets that soak up excess oil from your face. Take one out and gently blot your face. They’ll work wonders without removing your makeup or leave any type of residue behind.

Although these are just a few recommended items, it’s also a good idea to bring a minimergency kit for any unintended mishaps that could occur throughout the day. When you look back at your photos in your wedding day album in the years to follow, you’ll be happy you were prepared enough to not let anything stop you from having the best day imaginable.

What are your wedding day must-haves?

Thank you to Gretchen Wakeman Photography and The Reason for their imagery in this post.

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