3 Tips To Create A Cozy Winter Night In At Home

3 Tips To Create A Cozy Winter Night In At Home

The 2021 new year is here, and for many of us around the country, this means colder weather and more time spent inside. And, as stay-at-home orders continue to dictate the extent to which we can all go out and enjoy social settings, being prepared for a fun and cozy time indoors is as important as ever.

So, whether you’re planning to bake cookies with your significant other, or anticipating a night full of binge-watching your favorite new Hulu series, make sure the space you’re enjoying it in is comfortable and primed for a long winter at home.

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Pantry Cabinet Essentials

While ordering takeout is a nice treat every now and then, it isn’t exactly cost-efficient. In order to have the most enjoyable cozy winter night experience, be sure to have a well-stocked pantry with all your comfort food favorites from cookies to crackers to curate a fun charcuterie board. Enjoy buttery theatre popcorn while watching the latest movies, or sip on hot cocoa in your personalized photo mug during a holiday Hallmark flick. Stocking your pantry can help make sure you always have your favorites on hand for a relaxed or romantic night in, and also save you money on expensive takeout nights that can pile up quickly!

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Living Room Design

Now that you’re set with a well-stocked pantry, you will want to be sure your living room is designed for optimal comfort and lounging for a cozy winter. Whether you intend on having movie night once a week, or every day, you’ll want to be relaxing on a plush living room sofa accompanied by big, warm blankets and comfortable pillows. Depending on how cold winters get where you live, reposition your new sofa away from any doors or windows to get away from cold drafts during those cold winter evenings.

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Spending a fun night in is self-care in itself, but taking it a step further to fully enjoy the evening can make it that much better with a few minor additions and details. Before your nighttime activities get underway, start by taking a bath or doing yoga to help yourself relax and fully check out from the day, and transition into a relaxing night. Slip into a pair of comfortable pajamas and light a scented candle before you relax into your sofa for the night ahead. Little steps like these can help enhance your feeling of relaxation and set yourself up for a great evening!

What are your cozy winter tips?