10 TV Show Homes That Inspire Us

10 TV Show Homes That Inspire Us

Turning a house into a home is all about the details and TV show home decor is no different. Printed photos are a simple and easy way to decorate with your favorite memories, and these TV show set designers agree.

TV Show Home Decor

Big Bang Theory living room
Big Bang Theory

1. Big Bang Theory: This show has many familiar apartments. However, it's in Harold and Bernadette's family room where we see the most printed photos. There are photos on the back wall bookcase, the wall leading up the stairs, and on the end table near the entrance.

Blackish living room

2. Blackish: The Blackish family room features an elegant built-in shelving unit. The shelves have overhead lighting that displays several family photos.

Friends living room

3. Friends: One of the most iconic apartments in TV history is Monica's apartment from Friends. This apartment was loaded with details that included printed photos throughout. Photo prints of different sizes can be seen hanging on the wall, while smaller photos are framed and displayed on the end tables next to the sofa.

Grace & Frankie living room
Grace & Frankie

4. Grace & Frankie: The beautiful beach house where Grace and Frankie reside features beautifully printed photos throughout. The wall features art prints in black and white and in color—meanwhile, the built-in bookshelves house many family photos. Additional photos can be seen on accent tables.

How I Met Your Mother daughter and son
How I Met Your Mother

5. How I Met Your Mother: The set of How I Met Your Mother features several apartment sets, including the future family room of Ted Mosby. In each episode, Ted's children listen to Ted's stories while sitting on a sofa in front of some shelving. The shelves display framed prints of family photos ranging in size.

Life in Pieces living room
Life in Pieces

6. Life In Pieces: The Short family and Hughes' family homes have many details that make the homes look well lived in. There's a bookcase on the back wall filled with books, keepsakes, and family photos in the family room for the Short family.

Modern Family stairwell gallery wall
Modern Family

7. Modern Family: The set designers for Modern Family went all out with printing photos. The iconic staircase wall is filled with printed family photos of all sizes. Additionally, photos can be seen hanging on hallway walls.

Parenthood living room

8. Parenthood: Many homes were featured during Parenthood's six seasons. However, when the family got together, they would always go to grandma and grandpa Braverman's home. Being the matriarch and patriarch of the family meant they had many family memories to display. Printed photos can be seen all over the home, including the bookshelves and window ledge.

Sex and The City bedroom
Sex and The City

9. Sex and The City: Carry Bradshaw's apartment is legendary. During the show's tenure, the apartment received several facelifts and decor changes. One thing the set designers liked to do was put printed art over Carry's bed. The amount of printed art grew over the years, and of course, a photo of the four best friends was always displayed as well.

This Is Us living room
This Is Us

10. This Is Us: Designers for this set had to find decor for two different time periods. One thing that was consistent in both was the printed family photos. The Pearson's family features wall art and a photo on the end table. Who do you think is in the photo?

Now, we dare you to watch a TV show without looking for the photo decor in the characters' homes! What shows come to mind when you think of homes that feel like they're truly lived in?

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