10 Teenage Photographers to Follow on TikTok

10 Teenage Photographers to Follow on TikTok

It’s never been more obvious that TikTok is the GenZ place to be than from this list of 10 teenage photographers on TikTok. If you’re looking for some fresh ideas, or possibly new talent, these teen photographers are a must-follow.

1. Noah Benton @noahbentton

He may only have four videos so far on TikTok, but teen photographer Noah Benton’s product photography is at the professional level. From product shots of brand names like Calvin Klein and Jo Malone, Noah shows off his skill with natural light while incorporating household objects into each shoot - even melting ice.

2. Caidence Openshaw @caidenceopenshaw

Caidence Openshaw is a teen photographer from Utah who takes full advantage of her location. With a range from portrait and bridal, to editorial and product shots, Caidence brings her clients out into the rolling hills of the Utah landscape just in time for golden hour.

3. Joshua Mannila @joshua.manila

This 18-year-old photographer travels between LA and Oregon for his photography clients and uses his TikTok for both self promo and some photography humor. Working between both film and digital, Joshua Mannila experiments with lens filters for that hazy, dreamy glow.

4. Ashley Tedjo @ashley_tedjo

Ashley Tedjo is a self-taught teen photographer and videographer based in Doha, Qatar. Along with her portraiture, she specializes in short montages and advertisements she highlights in behind the scenes clips. Give her a follow for some fun photography challenges and a glimpse into her portfolio.

5. Amal Supariwala @amalsupariwala

Give Amal Supariwala a follow on TikTok for some photography humor, behind the scenes videos and even tips and tricks on how to pose with your hands from a photographer’s perspective. You can catch him in Atlanta, Georgia turning airports and parking garages into his own photography set.

6. Mia Victoria @miavictoriaphotography

Another teen photographer fond of portraiture taken with a hazy glow is Mia Victoria from Boston, Massachusetts. Mia captures her clients in a dreamlike state with Euphoria-themed shoots and isn’t afraid to throw props like paper airplanes or Trader Joe’s flowers into the mix.

7. Lydia @lrf_photography

Lydia is a teen portrait photographer with an edgy approach to photography. With a style that could be described as a distorted, grunge aesthetic, she uses props like plastic butterflies and even bubblegum to give her shoots a more dynamic feel.

8. Katie Chang @_katiechang

Katie Chang is giving strong cottage core vibes with video and photographs of peacefully-liminal spaces. While she uses her instagram as her main portfolio, Katie posts dreamy clips on TikTok to serve us little slices of her work behind the 35mm.

9. Simrah @picsbysimrah

Simrah is a teen photographer from Orange County, California who plays around with retro-inspired looks for her shoots. Follow Simrah’s instagram for a more complete portfolio, but definitely check out her TikTok for photoshoot highlights.

10. Taylor Lafe @bytaylorlafe

Taylor Lafe is a teen photographer from Texas and her vlogs and behind the scenes time-lapse videos are a must-see. Taylor gives her TikTok followers fun insight into her journey as a photographer, from the editing process to her application (& acceptance) into her dream photography school.