10 Photographers To Follow On TikTok

10 Photographers To Follow On TikTok

It seems like the minute we get used to one social media channel a new one takes over, and with over 1 billion users and a cult-like brand loyalty from Gen Z, TikTok has certainly made its mark as a social media powerhouse. From fun dances to recipes, and the home to your favorite viral video challenges, TikTok's platform has allowed creators to share fun and unique content in a powerful way. We can't get enough of the fun app - check out 10 photographers making a splash on TikTok!

1. @ceejay.t

A creative photographer with a love for travel, @ceejay.t has an awesome photography page filled with tutorials and amazing portrait photo inspo. We love the style of his moody shoots and stunning location selections.

2. @jordi.koalitic

Jordi’s page is filled with videos featuring his creative photography skills that will blow you away. His quick tutorials and editing styles are so unique it's no wonder he has over 14 million followers watching his awesome content.

3. @teejayhughes

A hysterical creator who refers to himself as “your photographer big brother”, @Teejayhughes is just that! With tons of fun photography content from posing tutorials to hysterical self-deprecating videos on life as a photographer, you will absolutely adore his page.

4. @wonguy

With over 4.3 million followers its no surprise that @wonguy has made our list! A creative photographer and filmmaker based in Paris with tutorials, tips and stunning imagery you wont want to miss.

5. @ alex.stemp

With almost 20 million photographers and some of the most creative street photography content, Alex is a must follow on TikTok. He asks strangers to participate in his shoots and creates the coolest videos of their sessions with the most incredible shots!

6. @biabeible

@biabeible has a page full of tips on how to pose to get more creative and interesting looking shots. She also has amazing filters to help get your photos to the next level if editing isn't your thing!

7. @neplephotography

Sasha of @neplephotography’s TikTok page is one you don’t want to miss. From beautiful compilation videos of her shots to tips on negative space in your photos and more, her page is one of our favorites!

8. @gracetphotography

A wedding photographer and business educator with amazing content, @gracephotography is a page you definitely want to follow! Her light-hearted videos filled with Pinterest worthy wedding photo inspo are so much fun to watch.

9. @brandon_woelfel

Brandon Woelfel is a photographer from Brooklyn with lots of behind the scenes content and perfectly edited videos showcasing his beautiful film photography skills.

10. @edwardkb

If you love travel and landscape photos, Edward is a must-follow on TikTok. Not only are his photos incredible but he posts the most capitvating videos and helpful tutorials you won't want to miss!

Who are your favorite photographers to follow on TikTok?

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