10 Gifts to Commemorate Your Grad

10 Gifts to Commemorate Your Grad

Graduation season is almost here and it’s time to commemorate the special grad in your life! Whether it’s your own child, a close family member, or a friend, there’s nothing like giving a thoughtful gift to show how proud you are of their accomplishments. To help you find the perfect present, we're sharing 10 great gifts to gift the grad in your life! 

1. Laptop backpack

A laptop backpack is an essential item for any post-grad. Wether they’re headed off to college or to their first job, this practical gift is a must have. Choose one that’s stylish and functional, so they can store their laptop, textbooks, and other items.

2. Photo Book

If your grad is off to somewhere new, make them a customized Photo Book filled with their favorite memories, travels, and friends for the, to flip through when they are feeling homesick or need a little pick-me-up. This thoughtful gift is one that will keep on giving!

3. Care package

Whether they’re headed to college or a new apartment, send them off with a care package full of snacks, toiletries, medicine, and other essential items to get their new spot stocked up. You can also include a few fun items like a Custom Blanket or a Photo Mug to make their new space feel cozy.

4. Gift card

Give them the freedom to buy whatever they want with a gift card. Choose from popular stores like Amazon or Target, or even an airline if the grad is headed somewhere far.

5. A fun experience

If you aren't looking to buy a material item for your grad, gift them with an experience. Whether its sky-diving, concert tickets to their favorite artist, or a sporting event you can attend together.

6. Subscription box

Whether they’re interested in cooking, books, or fitness, there’s a subscription box for everyone. Find one tailored to their interests and treat them to a monthly surprise.

7. Single serve coffee maker

A single serve coffee maker makes the perfect gift for a grad! Not only will it help them with late nights studying, early mornings at a new job, but it also can make tea and other drinks perfect for a small apartment or dorm!

8. Life planner

Help the grad stay organized with a life planner. You can find one that’s specifically designed for college students, and they can use it to keep track of their assignments, exams, and other commitments.

9. Personalized stationery

Get them some Personalized Stationery so they can stay in touch with friends and family. Choose from our many different customization options sure to fit the style of any grad.

10. Wall Decor

Help your grad style their new digs! Gift them with a Canvas Print for their dorm or apartment wall. Have an inspirational quote printed or even a special travel photo that’s meaningful to them. if you aren't sure what their home decor style is, get them a gift card so they can design it themselves.
What will you be gifting the grads in your life?

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