10 Black Photographers to follow in 2024

10 Black Photographers to follow in 2024

This Black History Month we're excited to shed light on some incredible photographers that are amplifying the voices and perspectives of Black photographers. From documenting social movements to celebrating cultural heritage, these photographers use their lenses to tell stories. Check out 10 talented Black photographers whose work you should check out this Black History Month.

1. Lynsey Weatherspoon 

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With a incredible eye for storytelling, Weatherspoon's photography explores themes of identity, community, and resilience, often focusing on the lived experiences of Black women in America. Her work speaks for itself and she is one you will definitely want to watch this year! 

2. Micaiah Carter

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Known for his striking portraits and fashion editorial work, Carter's photography seamlessly blends artistry with originality, offering a fresh perspective on representation in the fashion industry.

3. Adrienne Raquel 

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With an absolutely incredible portfolio of imagery and campaigns, Raquel's vibrant aesthetic infuses her photography with a sense of joy and empowerment. Her commitment to celebrating Black culture and femininity shows in in all of her amazing work.

4. Andre D. Wagner

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Through his candid street photography, Wagner captures the raw energy and complexity of urban life, offering an incredible perspective into the everyday experiences of Black communities. His work is striking and should definitely be followed this year!

5. Delphine Diallo

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Diallo's thought-provoking portraits are absolutely incredible. Her visual story telling abilities are unmatched and the way she empowers Black women through her art should be celebrated. 

6. Misan Harriman

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Harriman's powerful documentary photography sheds light on pressing social issues, from racial injustice to climate change. These uncomfortable truths bring us outside ourselves and challenge viewers to new conversations and thoughts.

7. Tyler Mitchell

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Making history as the first Black photographer to shoot the cover of Vogue magazine, Mitchell's vibrant  portraits redefine standards of beauty and representation in fashion photography across many channels. His work speaks for itself but it is incredible nonetheless. 

8. Danielle A. Scruggs

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Scruggs' unique and creative photography style centers on Black life and culture and is someone worth following. Her work challenges stereotypes and gives a voice to underrepresented communities.

9. Ron Timehin

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With a focus on travel and lifestyle photography, Timehin's breathtaking images transport viewers to incredible landscapes and vibrant cityscapes, celebrating the beauty of the world's diverse cultures.

10. Jovell Rennie

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Rennie's dynamic and visually captivating photography explores many themes, he has a love for film photography and his work is captivating. Raised in Alaska, his love for nature and finding beauty in all things shines throughout his work. 

As we continue celebrating Black Awareness Month, take this opportunity to support and celebrate the incredible talent and creativity of these amazing photographers. Follow their work, engage with their stories, and join in the conversation as we strive for a more inclusive world through the power photography.