Video | Wedding Reception Lighting & Composition Tips for Photographers

Video | Wedding Reception Lighting & Composition Tips for Photographers

Chris & Allie Bartelski of The Reason are sharing their tried-and-true tips for acing difficult wedding reception lighting situations. In this 10-minute video, they share the equipment, camera settings, lighting techniques, and schedules they use to make sure they capture every heartfelt moment as it really happens.

Also, did we mention they’re sharing these tips from an actual wedding reception? Watch below:

Reception-HD from the reason on Vimeo.


  1. Thanks for the great tips!!!! Ive been getting into wedding photography and really been having a hard time with lighting during the reception. As a newbie, what lighting system would you suggest other than the on camera speed flash, if i can't afford one such as what you used in the beginning of the video. I also find myself changing the settings a lot from shot to shot with my SB900, soI know I am doing something wrong. Any suggestions for me.

  2. Hi, it's Chis from the video. Any on camera flash will do, and even your pop up flash can work. You don't need an expensive speed light. Actually the cheaper the better, you aren't using the flash for anything else but flashing. No intelligence, or TTL. I'd love to answer this question better. Can you contact us through our website? <a href=""></a>

  3. Thank You,
    Ill be contacting via your website as you suggested. Thanks again!!

  4. This is great, I really need this. I am helping my friend for her upcoming wedding. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Beautiful – Congrats and Happiness always! Thank you for sharing!❤️ Your family is beautiful! have learned a lot from your article Thank you for sharing with us.


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