11 LGBTQ Photographers You Should Follow on Instagram

11 LGBTQ Photographers You Should Follow on Instagram

It’s Pride Month at NPL! We’re commemorating the month of acceptance and love by highlighting 11 LGBTQ photographers who have gorgeous Instagram feeds.

Lia Clay, @liaclaymiller

Lia Clay is the first trans photographer to shoot the cover of OUT Magazine with a shoot of Janet Mock (one outtake featured above!).

Savana Ogburn, @savanaogburn

Savana Ogburn’s feed is full of colorful photos and collages that serves as an avenue of self-exploration and also keeps you guessing.

Yael Malka, @yael_malka

Yael’s work touches on the themes of self-expression, how we want others to see us, identity, and comfort/discomfort while experimenting with light.

Lauren Withrow, @laurenwithrow

Based in Austin, Texas, most of Lauren Withrow’s feed plays with muted colors and features scenes from the city as well as the small town she grew up in.

Jess T. Dugan, @jesstdugan

Much of Jess’s work is about “loving who you love.” Their feed is full of images that connect you with the subject in an intimate way.

Photograph by Ryan Duffin

Ryan Duffin, @ryanduffin

A Canadian photographer living in Brooklyn, Ryan Duffin plays with lighting and muted colors to create breathtakingly real portraits of his subjects. Speaking to It’s Nice That, he notes of his style: “I look to capture the subtle nuances of each subject that makes them individual, interesting and unique.”

Photograph by Elliott Jerome Brown Jr

Elliott Jerome Brown Jr, @elliottjeromebrownjr

Scroll through Elliott Jerome Brown Jr.’s feed, and you’ll be struck by how much more there is to each image. Calling his work “a documented abstraction of daily life,” Brown focuses on intimacy as well as the differences between the public and private selves.

Photograph by Kevin Aranibar-Molina

Kevin Aranibar-Molina, @kerokev

Photographing everyone from Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez to the cast of Netflix’s Queer Eye, Kevin Aranibar-Molina’s feed is a colorful tour de force to scroll through.

Photograph by Ryan James Carathurs

Ryan James Caruthers, @ryanjamescaruthers

You’ll see a lot of people you recognize on Ryan James Caruthers’ Instagram – like Charles Melton from Riverdale and Christopher Abbott and Jemima Kirke of Girls fame. But, more than the celebs, it’s a dream going through his muted and refreshingly honest portraits.

Photograph by Laurence Philomene

Laurence Philomene, @laurencephilomene

The color in Laurence Philomene’s photos is simply out of this world. Based in Montreal, most of Laurence’s work focuses on identity through a queer lens.

Photograph by David Uzochukwu

David Uzochukwu, @daviduzochukwu

The youngest of the photographers listed here, David Uzochukwu’s work stands out in the way he uses lighting to create something otherworldly.

Which LGBTQ photographers do you follow?


  1. Hi Amanda,

    I follow Renita Renee. She use to work for Nations Photo Lab. She use to do photo tours there. I’m shocked she didn’t make your list.

    • Hi Cheryl! This list wasn’t meant to be comprehensive – I know there are many, many more people that could have been featured. Thanks for pointing out Renita!

  2. Are there any female or female identifying photographers? I love this list though! Although I feel there must be some females out there rocking LGBTQ+ work 🙂

  3. Oh so many and so many allies for our community as well… thanks for being a lab that slows us to have our wedding couples and family photos printed … as a member of the LGBTQ+ community and a wedding photographer for 37 years I applaud you for providing a service and company where I knowing my images and albums will be treated as any other photographers subject matter would be and you are #opentoall

  4. Sonjhai meggette Is an awesome lgbtq..photographer based out of oakland.ca.
    Oh. Esotericimages


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