How to Pick Pictures for your Wedding Album

How to Pick Pictures for your Wedding Album

Your wedding day goes in the blink of an eye but you can always relive your story through your wedding album. When looking through your gallery of hundreds of images, selecting the right photos for your album can seem like a daunting task but we have some tips on which photos to select and how to design your album. 

Select Your Favorites

bride and groom

Grab a cup of tea or maybe even a glass of wine and take some time to flag your favorite photos in your digital gallery. This will help you narrow your large album into a more manageable number of photos that you can select from. 

Must-Have Photos

There are some must-have photos that you definitely want to include and while it can seem impossible to narrow down, we think the following are the pics that deserve a spot in the album.

  • Bridal party in their robes or pajamas
  • Invitation suite
  • Bridal bouquet
  • Groom getting ready (fixing bowtie, tying tie, putting on watch etc.)
  • Groomsmen 
  • Bride getting ready (bridal party fastening dress, bride putting on earrings or shoes)
  • First look photos (father of the bride, mother of the bride, bride and groom)
  • Bride and Groom portraits
  • Ceremony photos (groom, bride, flower girl, ring bearer)
  • First kiss and exit
  • Bridal party shots
  • Family Shots
  • Reception Room
  • First Dance
  • Cake Cutting
  • Exit

Chronological Order

When putting your Album together try to stay in chronological order to ensure your album tells a story. This will not only help you when trying to decide what photos should go together but it will make looking back through your book so special. 


Make sure you create fluid layouts of photos on each page so you can maximize space. We recommend making the featured images in a layout your absolute favorite shots while letting images that don’t need to take up as much real estate can include detail shots, invite suites, To ensure the album is visually appealing, we recommend our Album99 for its propfessional quality lay flat pages. 

Make it Personal

balloon send off wedding

Your album should be a reflection of you so don’t forget to add any photos of special traditions or details of your day. If your dog was your ring bearer, you had a food truck serve up late-night snacks, or you were hoisted up in a chair during the hora, make sure these special moments make the book!  Select a leather, photo, or cloth cover that goes with your personal style so you can display your album proudly in your home. 

What are your must have photos for your wedding album?

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