Enter Our Winter Photo Contest

Enter Our Winter Photo Contest

Distant mountains with snowy peaks. Your youngest making their very first snow angel. Shorter days allowing for more nighttime photography. Every winter, there’s a treasure trove of wonder to photograph.

What winter magic did you capture this year? Show us your best winter photo (that you took!) and you’ll be entered to win $100 worth of lab credit! But hurry – this contest is only running through Wednesday, February 19 at 11:59 PM PST. Enter below & good luck!

This contest is now closed. 


  1. mingo farm in winter

  2. No sure you got my winter entry. I’m already on your mailing list and when I submitted my winter photo I didn’t get any kind of confirmation that it was received.

  3. Kristeen S. Cochran

    Love Nations Photolab!

  4. Almost no snow on the ground here in the New Hampshire Seacoast Region this year (as opposed to Feb. 2015, by which time we’d accumulated eight feet!), so here’s a charming scene with the late afternoon sunlight filtering through a fresh snowfall, from Feb. 2017, for your Winter Photo Contest, instead.

  5. Nation Lab does a great and fast job of printing my photos. Thanks

  6. Photo was captured during a Blizzard in the Rocky Mountains. Hope y’all enjoy!

    Sincerely, Michael Mosure
    Insta: mosdads

  7. This was taken at Jokulsarlon glacier in Iceland on Dec 12 2019 after a Hurricane snowstorm passed trough with winds up to 149 miles an hour for 2 days.
    Shown is the moon setting in the west at around 10.00 am

  8. Mary Beth Taylor

    Beautiful horses in the white mountains.

  9. Bob Burkhard

    I love NPL. Fortunately I only live about a mile from the lab so it is very convenient to pick up my orders. I was just talking with a professional photographer in Bethany Beach earlier today and mentioned NPL. He said that he already was using NPL and loves your services.

  10. Patricia Kimmons

    Love NPL —they do great prints—love them—all sizes

  11. Your business has helped mine…can’t live without NPL!

  12. Best prints, best prices

  13. Love NPL! Always high quality products, as well as customer service. I will not use anyone else 🙂

  14. amanda schram

    photo taken on January 1st 2020, a very gray and snowy day but it just looked amazing on the trees.

  15. Just sent in a photo titled Winter Twilight. A photo taken on a local lake in Upstate NY this winter as twilight was setting in.

  16. A grey day in January near Middlebury, VT, but loved the contrasts that this John Deere tractor and barn offered against the sky and snow.

  17. Sheri Storrs

    It doesn’t snow very often in Charlotte, nor does it last very long when it does, so I got out quickly and was practicing with my selective color setting on my Nikon. I really liked the way this one came out.

  18. Cheryl D King

    The picture I captured was in Geneva, NY at the Belhurst Castle. It was so beautiful there and I was honored to have taken this of my nephew and his new bride.
    I love Nations Photo Lab and highly recommend y’all.

  19. Bryon Bigford

    Woke up to fresh snow in Hocking Hills, Ohio.
    Couldn’t have asked for a better morning hike!


  21. I took this on a road trip to Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. We stopped at a rest area near Sault Ste. Marie and I saw this nestled under some trees near the parking lot.

  22. I took this pic this winter by Lake Tahoe. It was an amazing experience for my family and I.

  23. When is your next contest, deadline and of what content…. i had a good entry for the Winter Contest, but missed the email and deadline…Hopefully you’ll do it again sometimes in the future….


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