20 Must-Have Photos on Your Wedding Day

20 Must-Have Photos on Your Wedding Day

Your wedding day will come and go in the blink of an eye but your gorgeous wedding photos will be cherished forever! Talented wedding photographers combine art and science to capture your day perfectly but, beyond the typical wedding party photos, we’ve rounded up 20 photos you must have shot on your big day and we’re not talkin’ bridal party, first looks, or cake cutting!

1. Getting ready

wedding getting ready photos
These photos are effortlessly casual and make for the most fun photo ops. Before all the glitz and glamour of the dresses and jewelry, get some fun snapshots of the day in cute matching pajamas or robs to have some more casual fun photos to enjoy!

2. Personality pic

Happy ride and groom jumping

Sometimes wedding photos can seem very formal, make sure your personality shines through as well! Don’t miss an opportunity to be silly and to have photos taken that actually capture the rollercoaster of emotions a wedding day consists of. Seriously, look how happy these two look!

3. Bouquet

Wedding Bouquet

We love florals! Make sure your beautiful bouquet is captured in all its glory! It is also a great piece to use in detail, dress, and ring shots!

4. Invitation suite

Wedding Invitation Suite

You likely will save a few extra invitations but we think it is still worth the photograph! We think invite suite photos tell the story of the day so we love to incorporate them into Wedding Album designs.

5. Generational photo

generational wedding image

If you are lucky enough to have parents and grandparents celebrate your special day with you, do not miss the opportunity for a generational photo. We love this up close photo showing off three generations of happily married ladies!

6. Shoes

wedding shoes
This isn’t a must-have for everyone, but if your shoes are this pretty, you may want it captured!

7. Individual bridal party shots

bride with bridesmaids

Don’t forget to take individual shots with the members of your bridal party! These images will be so meaningful since often times bridesmaids and groomsman don’t know each other. They love you so much and will definitely cherish a solo picture to remember your special day! We love the idea of printing these out and including them in thank you notes!

8. The reception space (empty)

While of course, you are excited to have your reception space filled with your favorite people, make sure you have some shots of it empty so you can truly appreciate and remember the details!

9. Cake

Wedding Cake

Before everyone digs make sure a photo is snapped of your cake in picture perfect condition!

10. Centerpieces

You spent so much time picking out all the small details, make sure your photographer snaps a photo so you can remember every last minute that went into planning the best day ever!

11. Rings

wedding rings

Ring detail shots are some of our favorites! This is another image that will look amazing in your Wedding Album.

12. Confetti or other fun exits

How amazing is this shot? Don’t be shy to throw a little confetti, as you can see it’s totally worth it!

13. Groom portrait

groom portrait
The ladies seem to get most of the attention on the big day but the groom is equally as important. Don’t forget to get a groom portrait so you can remember how handsome he looked on your most special day!

14. The Veil

brides veil

This little detail deserves photo evidence that it was there and it was beautiful. Most brides opt to take it off for the reception and remainder of the evening so make sure you have the shot so you can remember its elegance.

15. The little ones

flower girl and ring bearer

Portraits with the flower girl and ring bearers are timeless. They are also the best photos to look back on when that little one is grown up and planning a wedding of their own!

16. Favors or welcome bags

wedding gift
If you got creative on your welcome gifts or favors, make sure it is photographed. We love these custom koozies!

17. Bride and Groom gifts and letters

bride reading letter from groom
If you plan to gift your other half the morning of the wedding, wait until your photographer arrives! There is such an amazing photo op for your photographer as you read the sweet letter or open the sentimental gift!

18. Escort cards

Escort Cards
This is a detail that often gets looked over, but if you have an escort table as gorgeous as this one, you are going to want to remember it!

19.  Decor and signage

Wedding Decor

As personalizing the wedding day has become more and more important, these details certainly are a big part of what makes your wedding so uniquely yours and its fun to see what you had adorned the room as styles change year to year.

20. Hair and makeup shots

Before you dance the night away and sweat your makeup off and your hair falls, get some nice images of the details! It’s also really nice to share these with the vendors so they can use them for their portfolios.

So much goes into the details and we think they should be captured so you can relive your best day over and over again! What shots are your favorites to look back on?

Thank you to The Reason, Light & Co, Lindsey Thorne, Sarah Gormley, Gretchen Wakeman Photography, Hannah Marilyn Photography, I Dream in Flowers, Megan Elizabeth, Sarah Botta Photography, Stolen Glimpses, Joy Michelle Photography, and Brittany Conner for the images used in this post!


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  2. Great ideas!!! I’m definitely gonna make sure to capture as many of these as possible at my next wedding.

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  5. This is an incredible selection, every idea is just great! I would like to use them all at my wedding!

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  8. Awesome list! Loved that you included a shot of the little ones because they are so often overlooked! One thing that we included on our list is a photo of the bride and her father. Getting ready, walking down the aisle, and the daddy-daughter dance! https://www.samandjenna.com/post/wedding-photo-list
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