What We Did This Summer

What We Did This Summer

The team at Nations Photo Lab has been quite busy this summer – doing everything from traveling across Europe, re-decorating kitchens, meeting popstars, and so much more. Check out to see what a few members of our team have been up to this summer!

summer activities

"Spent some time in June at Ft Myers Beach in Florida celebrating my grandmas 80th birthday! It was a very relaxing vacation with the family, hanging out on the beach, going kayaking, and enjoying frozen drinks by the pool." – Ryan P.

our summer experiences

"We’re renovating our kitchen...with a baby!" – Lisa S.

summer highlights

"My husband and I took a trip to West Palm Beach, Florida this summer! We had a great long weekend soaking up the sun, going on bike rides, and eating WAY too much food." – Jenna G.

this summer's adventures

"I met Hanson at the Timonium Fairgrounds before they performed their concert. My husband works for 105.7 The Fan and they sponsored the event." – Tara S.

"This summer, we had a new addition to our annual family beach trip. Our baby girl had her first beach experience and swim in the open ocean." – Cate H.


"I said yes! This summer, Henry asked me to marry him, and we are beyond excited to continue our journey together!" – Mora P.

recap of summer

"My summer was essentially the plot of The Cheetah Girls 2, the one where they all go to Barcelona. I'm just kidding. But, I did get the chance to go to Madrid with six of my best friends from college to see our friend get married!" – Amanda N.

summer memories

"My summer highlights have included a lot of hiking and landscape photography. This night sky image of the Milky Way over an old barn was taken in Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado where I am currently seeking more adventures!" – Rob G.

our summertime activities

"We went to Baltimore Pride and Marshy Point Fairy Festival this summer!" – Casie C.

What were some of your favorite summer activities this year? Tell us!

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