What To Do With Your Halloween Pictures

What To Do With Your Halloween Pictures

Halloween is right around the corner and your camera roll is about to be filled with photos from your trick-or-treating night! Don’t let your images get lost in your camera roll this Halloween, check out 4 tricks for what to do with your boo-tiful photos throughout the years.

Create a Photo Book.

Once your kids are at the age where they are no longer trick-or-treating, create a Photo Book filled with photos of their Halloween costumes over the years. Scan in any pictures from when they were young and dig through your camera roll to find photos from years past. Add custom text on the book with dates and details to create the perfect Halloween treasure to look back on when your children are grown.

Create a holiday keepsake book.

family memory book

Create a holiday memory book to store your photos, traditions, and best moments from your family’s holidays throughout the years. Purchase a keepsake book with readymade prompts or create your own scrapbook from your local craft store. Fill the pages up with details you will want to remember like where you celebrated, who came, and add a few Prints! Year after year this special family journal will be filled with joyful memories and can be passed down for generations.

Make a memory box!

Create a Halloween memory box for each of your kids!! Save pieces from their favorite costumes, special decor, and crafts from school to put into a labeled storage bin. Add a photo storage box to fill with Prints from Halloween parties and trick-or-treating each year. You will have the best time digging through it and walking down memory lane in years to come.

Use them as home decor.

halloween gallery wall

Use your Halloween photos as seasonal home decor! Julie from @positivelypearson shared a special tradition where she creates a gallery wall of past year's Halloween photos for her kids. We love how she decked out the space with some bats and a festive sign! Whether you create a small gallery wall display or tack some Prints to a corkboard, this is sure to make your family and guests smile as they see your spook-tacular memories on the wall.

Happy Halloween! We hope your day is filled with lots of sweet treats and all things spooky. What do you do with your Halloween photos?

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