NPL’s Take Your Child to Work Day!

NPL’s Take Your Child to Work Day!

The office was a-buzz this week with anticipation for Take Your Child to Work Day! Nations Photo Lab employees had the chance to bring their children where they work to see all the ins and outs of our operations. And what a success it was!

From behind the scenes tours of our production floor and making a product themselves, to hand modeling and creating their own NPL ads, the children of the NPL staff surely had a full day seeing what their parents do.

Let’s recap the day...

We kicked the afternoon with a little quiz about NPL...


Then a quick photo session and asking them what they want to be when they grow up!



As a little exercise, we asked them what their rules would be if they were CEO...


They helped us make some advertisements for our marketing team (we think they nailed it).

("It is u-masing! By [buy] Nations")


Then we took the groups on a tour of the lab to see just how our products get made.


After we took the tour, and they got to make their own magnets!


They spent a little time doing their best impressions of their NPL employee parents...

And helped us out with a bit of hand modeling!



And we finished it off with a group photo.



What a fun time had by all! We're filled with joy to have our little superstar future CEOs in the office with us, and can't wait to bare witness to all they will accomplish! 



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