How to Create A Meaningful Book for Faraway Friends

How to Create A Meaningful Book for Faraway Friends

This past year has kept many of us away from our loved ones. And, even in non-pandemic times, it’s not uncommon for you to live states away from the friends you made in high school or college.

You can cheer up your friends or show them just how much you miss them by sending them a personal gift, like a Buzz Book! Read this tutorial and discover just how easy it is to create a meaningful book for your faraway friends:

creating a meaningful book for distant friends

Grab your favorite photos together.

The first step is to head to your camera roll and start selecting and favoriting the photos you want to include in your Photo Book. Grab some selfies, some candids, some moments together on trips you took. Make it a mix of funny faces and serious poses – any photos that are authentic to your friendship!

Did you know that the Google Photos app can automatically create albums for specific people? Activate “face grouping” in your settings and the app will automatically scan your photos and group faces together.

Then, you can go in and name the groupings, organize the photos to ensure the automatic groupings were correct, and manually add names to faces if needed. (Learn more about that here!) Doing this makes it even easier to sift through pictures of you and your bestie!

making a special book for far-off friends

Design any extras for your book.

I love using Canva – it makes designing anything really simple. So, I went into the tool and created a file that was sized to be 6x6” – the exact parameters of my Buzz Book. From there, I started designing the pages of my book. I made some pages that were full-size photos; for others, I popped in two or three photo bubbles. Canva also has some pre-designed text templates with quotes and fun sayings that I mixed in with the photo pages.

crafting a heartfelt book for friends at a distance

Upload your pages!

Now that your pages are designed and your photos are selected, you can start building your Buzz Book for your bff.

All Buzz Books come in one size – 6x6” – but we have multiple designed cover options to choose from. In the builder itself, you can set your Buzz Book to have full size photo spreads or even white borders on all sides. Plus, there’s no sacrificing on paper quality - all pages are printed on a professional quality Mohawk Matte paper (100# text) with a soft-to-the-touch cover.

That’s it! Ready to start creating your Buzz Book? Head over to our website, where they are just $15.00!