How To Make a Year In Review Photo Book

How To Make a Year In Review Photo Book

There is nothing more sentimental than wrapping up your year with an heirloom quality Family Yearbook you can look back on for years to come. This sweet tradition is the perfect way to capture your family and get your photos off your devices and into your hands.

Whether you make one for your family each year or intend to make one as a gift these books are the perfect way to wrap up your year. Check out our best tips for creating your book.

1. Photo organization

The most important part of making a year in review book is the photo collection and organization. Our tip here is to make a folder on your phone or computer and add photos to it from each month. Ideally you would be saving photos to this album throughout the year but if not, start from the top!

When glancing through each month, consider the big moments but don't forget small ones too. Birthdays, vacations, and special dinners, are easy ones to add but don't forget the in between moments like walks in the park, messy faces after meals, and when grandma came to visit!

2. Upload your photos

Now that your photos are nice and organized, create a new album in your Nations Photo Lab account and upload your photos. This is a super easy step that can be done directly from your phone or computer.

photo uploader

3. Choose your template

Select your favorite template from our beautiful custom Year in Review book designs! Select how many pages you would like and if you prefer a classic bound book or lay-flat pages. Also, select your favorite photo if it’s a design that has an image on the front or back cover.

4. Make your book

Now for the fun part! It’s time to start adding your photos into your book. Whether you decide to make your book chronologically or just want to include as many photos as possible from the year, begin filling in your book by dragging your photos into the templates. We like a mix of different image quantities so that the book flows nicely. For example, create a spread with two photos on the left page and four photos on the right page to share photos from your beach trip this summer.

Don’t forget to add captions, text boxes, or any special sentiments to notate things you’ll always want to remember about your year!

5. Enjoy and cherish forever

These books are made with quality in mind! Having an archival, handcrafted family photo book is the perfect way to relive every milestone from your year together. As the years go by, you can look back and see just how much your family has grown and have the greatest time flipping through photos from the most special days and the in between ones too!

How will you wrap up your family's year in photos?

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