7 Times in Your Life that You *NEED* a Buzz Book

7 Times in Your Life that You *NEED* a Buzz Book

Our new Buzz Books are perfect for capturing all of life’s everyday moments. These softcover, affordable photo books hold 40 photos of every moment of your newborn’s first moments or that stunning trip you took in Mexico. Here are the seven times in your life that you def need a Buzz Book:

After your newborn’s photoshoot. Get every inch of your little one (Their tiny toes! That peach fuzz!) memorialized in a book.

After your engagement shoot. Your photographer sent you 50 options of engagement photos, but you really only needed one for that Save the Date card. Let your other photos be seen!

To showcase your decade-long friendship with your bestie. Am I the only one who has roughly 750 pictures of me and my BFF from when we stole my mom’s Kodak? No? Thought so.

To brag about your weeks-long vacation in Reykjavik. All those angles you got while relaxing in the Blue Lagoon? They belong in a book.

When you need to make Mom and Dad happy. Gift a Buzz Book to one of your ‘rents and you’ll never hear the phrase “I never know what’s going on in your life” again.

When you realize Fido should be a professional model. The way he cocks his head to the side when you ask if he wants to go outside? It. Must. Be. Seen. By. All.

When you want to show a year’s worth of fun. Maybe you’re like me and you had 13 weddings in a year. Now, there’s a product where I can display all of the engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelorette parties, wedding dress shopping parties, bridesmaid dress shopping parties, rehearsal dinners. Oh, and the actual wedding, too.

What will you put in your Buzz Book? Create one today!

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