What to Wear to Your Maternity Shoot

What to Wear to Your Maternity Shoot

Pregnancy is such a special time and it deserves to be captured. Whether you are glowing or counting down the seconds until you can see your feet again, there is so much beauty in creating life and the changes your body is going through. Even if you aren’t feeling your best, make sure you schedule a maternity shoot! These moments are fleeting and you will love looking back on these photos when your baby is grown. If you aren’t sure what to wear to your maternity shoot, we’ve got you covered!

Match your location

When trying to style yourself for your maternity shoot, first pick your location! The backdrop of your photos can really determine what would look best on you and can help you decide what to shop for. Remember to choose colors that will compliment the background of your location.

Studio Shoot

Since you won’t have to factor weather into your outfit selection, there is a lot of flexibility with a studio shoot. Depending on your photographer’s package, you may have the ability to do an outfit change! If so, we suggest one formal and one casual look. Many studio photographers also offer dress options for you to wear so check with your photographer beforehand. 

At-home Shoot

maternity photo shoot

When shooting at home, opt to go casual. Wear something you would be comfortable walking around the house in so the shoot looks more natural. Form fitting tops or dresses are always the most flattering on a third-trimester mama-to-be. 

Outdoor Location

maternity photo shoot

A dress is a perfect choice for an outdoor shoot! If you are strutting your bump out in the city opt for a formal dress or if you are keeping it casual on the beach, go for a romantic flowy dress. Make sure you have your partner coordinate depending on which route you go. 

Try Renting

If you can’t seem to find exactly what you are looking for, renting is a great option for your maternity shoot! You likely won’t wear this outfit again anyway and you will be able to get a splurge worthy outfit without the guilt of the high price tag.  Rent the Runway, Mama Bump Rentals, and La Belle Bump all have great  rental options we love for your shoot!  

Family Maternity Shoots

maternity photo shoot

If this isn’t your first rodeo and the whole family will be joining in on the fun, take the chance to get some amazing photos with your littles before your next arrives! When styling the whole family remember that you don’t need to match exactly, but aim to get everyone in complementary colors. For mom, a tan dress, for the kids jeans and white or brown tops, and then dress dad in camel or grey with a jacket over. Layers can really tie in the whole family! 

What will you wear for your maternity shoot?

Thank you to Mackenzie Fulcher, Monica Roberts, Rebecca Bond, and Ashley Vanley for the use of their photography in this post.

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