6 Ways to Stay Creative Inside

6 Ways to Stay Creative Inside

The spread of coronavirus throughout the world has forced most of us inside our homes day in and day out. But, having this disruption to our normal life doesn’t mean we have to be stuck creatively! Here are a few ways to keep the creative juices flowing while social distancing.

Get to know your light.

My apartment gets incredible light in the middle of the day – something I didn’t notice until I was working from home 24/7! Photograph the shadows in your home, or create a set-up for family portraits (or self-portraits if you live alone).

Try an online class!

If you’re new to photography or just want to enhance your Instagrams, try taking an online class through Udemy, Creative Live, or MasterClass. Even if you’re a photographer with decades of experience, a photography class of something you’re not an expert in can get the ideas flowing.

Experiment with your editing.

We recently posted about our favorite mobile editing apps. Now that you have your favorite one, try some different ways of editing your photos! Maybe you’ll do a series of dramatic black and whites. Or, you can even start playing around with contrast, highlights, shadows, and exposure to create your very own presets!

Just start photographing.

Practice makes perfect – and the more you shoot, the better your photo skills will be! You could even start a photo project – like representing the ABCs in photos or mastering your selfies.

Take a walk.

Okay, this one isn’t inside… but while we’re still allowed to take socially-distanced walks, we should! Fresh air can clear our minds from life’s anxieties. Recently, while walking around my neighborhood (at least 10 feet away from anyone else, of course), I learned that my neighborhood is full of blooming magnolia trees. I stopped, took some pictures, and took a moment to revel in some joy.

Remember to take time for you.

Through it all, it’s important to remember that we’re going through something unprecedented in our lifetimes. Take care of yourself – even if that means bingeing a Netflix series, indulging in a bubble bath, sleeping in, or baking trays and trays and trays of double chocolate chip cookies. The less pressure you place on yourself, the easier it will be to stay creative!

Have any ideas of creative things to try while inside? Let us know in the comments!


  1. How about teaching a photography class online for free? I just announced a basics of photography class and have a group of enthusiastic beginners working on their homework already, practicing the different settings on their DSLR cameras. It’s so fulfilling to see them succeed. And I am learning too

  2. Hello Amanda,

    Brilliant read. Thank you for sharing and tilting everything towards the optimistic and cheerful side of things.



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