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How to Shoot With a Videographer and Both Get Great Results

Guest post by Nations Photo Lab Featured Photographer Joy Aleman from Joy Michelle Photography:

Today I’m sharing my top 5 tips for working well with videographers on a wedding day. As wedding photographers, it’s crucial to be able to work well alongside different vendors on a wedding day. Videographers are one vendor relationship that is especially important yet can sometimes pose difficulty.

Maybe you have been in a position where you didn’t see eye-to-eye with the video team on a wedding day and were not sure what to do. I believe working well with the video team is not only important to master as a professional but because we should want the best possible final product for our couple. After all, the wedding day is a celebration of them and it’s our job to capture that well.

Here are my steps for success when it comes to working with videographers:


What are your favorite tips on working well with videographers on a wedding day? We would love to hear from you!



  1. Such an honor to collaborate together on this video post!

  2. We have been in all 3 scenerios… once the photographer when someone else was the videographer and vice versa AND we have provides both photos and video ourselves. For me, when I’ve been the photographer, it has been important to communicate up front with the videographer about my needed time line so we could be on the same page. I’m very aware of how important it is that we both provide quality work because this is, after all, about the bride and groom. I will often ask if there is anything else they want to get before moving on or ask if they have ideas if it seems like I am running the show. I have been on the flip side where we provided video and the photographer was jumping in and out of almost every shot… I learned moving forward that communication is key!!!! When providing both services, my husband and I have a common vision and it is just so smooth. But yes, being on the same team and communication is vital… Remembering that it’s all about the bride and groom… It’s not a competition… It’s a collaboration. 🙂


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