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How to Shoot With a Videographer and Both Get Great Results

Guest post by Nations Photo Lab Featured Photographer Joy Aleman from Joy Michelle Photography:

Today I’m sharing my top 5 tips for working well with videographers on a wedding day. As wedding photographers, it’s crucial to be able to work well alongside different vendors on a wedding day. Videographers are one vendor relationship that is especially important yet can sometimes pose difficulty.

Maybe you have been in a position where you didn’t see eye-to-eye with the video team on a wedding day and were not sure what to do. I believe working well with the video team is not only important to master as a professional but because we should want the best possible final product for our couple. After all, the wedding day is a celebration of them and it’s our job to capture that well.

Here are my steps for success when it comes to working with videographers:


What are your favorite tips on working well with videographers on a wedding day? We would love to hear from you!



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