Perfect Travel Photos: Poses, Lighting, & Other Tips

Perfect Travel Photos: Poses, Lighting, & Other Tips

Guest post by The Blog Frog

Every year, tens of millions of Americans travel both out of the country and within one of our 50 states. Through travel, you can expose yourself to different cultures, experience new things, and have an outdoor adventure.

Of course, when you’re on a trip, you want to document the experiences. However, it’s sometimes a struggle when it comes to taking good ones. Here’s how to get the perfect travel photos!

Search for the light.

One of the most important things to take a perfect selfie is lighting. Quality lighting can soften the skin, making you look healthier and often masking some imperfections.

For best results, consider using natural light. Generally, the times to head outside for the best light are around sunset and sunrise. So whether you head into the city square, go to the beach, or hit the pool, always keep the lighting (both type and direction) in mind.

Don’t forget about the background.

When you’re taking photos at home or in a park in your city, you will often care more about how you look. While that is still important, don’t forget your surroundings! You want to show off where you are and how beautiful it is, so make sure to pick the perfect backdrop.

Many cities or towns you may travel to may have cool art pieces or sculptures that are made for tourists. By interacting with a city’s interactive art, you can experience something new. Don’t be scared to step outside the box with your travel pictures!

Choose fun and free-spirited poses.

When you take formal photos, it is normal to choose very proper poses. But, travel is all about having fun and being a free spirit, so your photos need to reflect that! The poses you choose should be natural, and show off how much fun you are having.

These poses can differ depending who you are and where you are. Incorporate some movement into your poses, use different angles, and simply be in the moment. Plus, you likely won’t see the people around you again (as you’re on vacation), so feel free to let loose and capture some fun and silly shots.

Now that you have some great travel photos, it’s time to get printing!

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