Our Winter Photo Contest Favorites

Our Winter Photo Contest Favorites

Spring is just around the corner, so we decided to celebrate winter with a contest! We asked YOU to send your favorite photos and tell us why they’re so special. We poured over hundreds of submissions, and have made a decision! Read on to see our winner, as well as nine runner-ups.

Our Winner: Crystal J.

“Exploring the Ice Castles”

Runner-Up: Srinishad R.

“Snow Snow Come Again”

Runner-Up: Daniel I.

“Taxi life”

Runner-Up: Mandy M.

“Skiing in Jackson Hole”

Runner-Up: Darbi K.

“I could lay here forever”

Runner-Up: Marilla A.

“Winding Winter Way”

Runner-Up: Steve S.

“Shake It Off at the Detroit Zoo”

Runner-Up: Sandra R.

“Cardinal in Snowfall In-flight with Glorious Wings”

Runner-Up: Glenda M.

“A Snowy Day”


  1. Stunning! Congrats to all winners.

    Can we talk? Signatures – why? When signatures are as prominent as the subject, they compete for the viewers attention. Really, have more confidence. The original file and image are yours. The courts favor artists in copyright cases. And when the signature is that of a commercial enterprise? Is this fine art photography or a poster? What do others think?

  2. The polar bear shot should’ve been first all the way! That one is adorable and off the charts!


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