6 Ways to Make Mom Feel Special

6 Ways to Make Mom Feel Special

Vanquisher of under-the-bed monsters. Wiper of runny noses. Creator of science project volcanoes. Holder of hands, post-breakup. Moms carry these titles, and so many more. For Mother’s Day this year, celebrate the women who have been with you through it all with a truly meaningful gift.

Try a cooking class

As someone who is constantly going from one activity to the other, my mom loves when she can nail down time with me. One of our favorite ways to spend an afternoon is to take a cooking class. (We’ve made everything from gnocchi to caramel cheesecake!) Quality time and delicious food are a great combination.

Great-grandmother and great-granddaughter sit with photo book

Create a Photo Book

Whether you just got married or you want to pack a lifetime’s worth of memories in one place, create a Photo Book and fill it with the best pictures of you and your mom (or grandmother!).

Buy a gift that keeps on giving

Let your Mother’s Day gift keep going month after month – try a subscription box! There are so many options that are perfect for any mama, whether she’s a wine enthusiast, a huge bookworm, or obsessed with flowers.

Acrylic Block sitting on desk

Personalize a piece of decor

Really dazzle your mom with decor: print one of your favorite photos in an Acrylic Block. With the crystal clear, hand-polished Acrylic, your mom will be showing off to everyone in the neighborhood.

Lean into some self-care

There’s nothing better than some self-care! Help Mom relax by getting her an essential oil diffuser and some scents for her to try out. (Personally, I love popping in some lavender after a particularly stressful day.)

Child holding compact mirror

Make something unregiftable

Mom will feel very touched to receive a truly custom gift. Put the best photo of the two of you on a Keychain she can take with her, a Mug she can use at the office, or a Compact Mirror she can keep in her purse.

How will you make Mom feel special this Mother’s Day?

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