How to Take Holiday Card Pictures at Home

How to Take Holiday Card Pictures at Home

You don’t need to hire a professional photographer to send out holiday cards this season. If your favorite photographer was booked, you’re sticking to a budget, or let’s be honest you just forgot – don’t worry we’ve got you covered! Check out our tips for taking holiday card pictures at home.

Try a tripod!

If you want the traditional posed family photo, try a tripod with a Bluetooth remote! Set it up on your front porch, in a neutral space of the house, or even in front of the tree! Take a couple of test shots to ensure everyone is in the frame and just begin clicking – the more, the merrier! Kiss the kids, pick them up, hold hands, and keep switching up poses. Hopefully, after a few minutes of snapping you will be able to find a winner. 

family in kitchen

Use your cell phone!

Your phone is more than capable of getting the shot for your DIY holiday picture. For the best clarity, make sure the lense is wiped clean, tap the subject so the phone is in focus, and check the lighting before you begin shooting. For more help on getting the perfect shot check out our 10 mobile photography tips

Candid of the kids

You don’t need a perfectly posed photo for your holiday card! Get the family dressed in coordinating colors and just begin snapping. Photos of the kids playing, smiling on the couch, baking holiday cookies, or even playing outside could be a perfect way to capture your family. Letting them play naturally will ensure you get the smiles you are hoping to share in your season’s greetings. 

kids with dog

Include your pets.

Taking pictures at home means your furry friends don’t have to miss out on the fun! Whether you choose to include the whole family or opt for a solo photo of your pet, your loved ones will be so excited to hang your four-legged baby on their fridge. You can also select a collage-style card design to include individual photos of each kid and pet! 

Play with filters!

If you want to give your photo a professional look, try editing your photo in a black and white filter, the classic will give your photo that uniform look perfect for any card design. If you prefer color, you can also try using your favorite photographer’s preset filters to give your photo that professionally edited touch.

kids in bed

Phone a friend!

If you think taking the photo yourself is definitely not an option, enlist a neighbor, friend, or family member to help. Let them know you aren’t expecting them to be professional but you just want everyone looking and eyes open! Set them up for success by having everyone ready and in place before they start snapping.

Now that you’re ready to take your at home photo, browse our holiday cards to select the perfect design for your family.


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