3 Tips for Spooktacular Halloween Photos

3 Tips for Spooktacular Halloween Photos

Halloween is my favorite holiday – I’ll never pass up the opportunity to dress up as the latest pop culture phenomenon. Plus, whether I’m heading to a party or passing out candy on my front porch, I love seeing how everyone embraces the holiday! Before you break out the camera on Halloween night, keep these three tips for spooktacular photos in mind:

Two young girls in costume on  Halloween

Start early.

No matter how carefully you stitch together your or your child’s costume, it’s inevitable that makeup will get smudged or a pair of ears will be lost. Snap a pic when your costume is complete to preserve the memory!

Young boy dressed as superhero on Halloween

Get in character.

After you take the standard posed shots, encourage your kids or your friends to really get into character. Have them roar like a lion, or pretend to ward off bad guys like Superman. You’ll get some unforgettable shots!

Carved pumpkins on Halloween

Master shooting in low light.

On Halloween night, it’ll get dark pretty early. That doesn’t mean you need to put your camera away! Rather, just make a few adjustments to your camera: increase your ISO; choose a longer shutter speed; and use a larger aperture. To learn more about night photography, read some tips from our Pro Partner, Rico Hudspeth.

What are you being for Halloween? Don’t forget to memorialize it in print!

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