Friendsgiving Inspiration

Friendsgiving Inspiration


A Nations Photo Lab Friendsgiving from Nations Photo on Vimeo.


Ah, Thanksgiving. For lovers of food and togetherness, there is simply is no better time of the year. That’s why we’re so glad Friendsgiving is a tradition that’s having a serious moment right now. I mean, why celebrate once when you can celebrate twice?

Flowers and pumpkin decor for Thanksgiving table


Girls sitting cross-legged in kitchen with white dog


The recipe for a perfect Friendsgiving is simple: start with friends, add food (+ wine), and voila. Luckily, when you put a bunch of creative designers, writers, videographers, and photographers in a room, the festivities get pretty creative.


Eating pumpkin pie and photographing Friendsgiving


As the group started to arrive, we gathered our favorite gourds, candles, napkins, and some real hand-picked branches of cotton (from NPL Featured Photographer Jennifer Warthan herself!). We had what some would consider to be way too much fun arranging each piece on the beautiful dining room table.


Decorated Thanksgiving dining room table

In my humble opinion, there just aren’t enough occasions when it’s cool to use place cards at the table. Friendsgiving is one of them.

Taking full advantage of the opportunity to be a little fancier than usual, we used our printable place cards and Thanksgiving bunting (designed by Niki!) to pull everything together…

Printable Give Thanks Thanksgiving banner on stairwell


Thanksgiving table with printable Thanksgiving place card and decorations


Our very first Artists’ Dinner began with an assignment: bring a traditional family recipe to share (and devour).


Niki designed gorgeous recipe cards that everyone could take home afterwards. It was so cool to hear about each of our holiday traditions and how much each recipe meant to everybody. It was even more awesome to get to dig into each of these AMAZING dishes.


Lasagna recipe card at Thanksgiving dinner


Extracting pomegranate seeds from pomegranate


Wine glasses with ice cubes


Eating Friendsgiving dinner


Sitting at Friendsgiving table

Since the real Thanksgiving’s all about tradition, we decided to make our Friendsgiving a little less so.

Our menu included Siobhan’s unbelievable arugula, pear, and goat cheese salad, Laura’s cheesy Chex potatoes, Kate’s family recipe lasagna, Niki’s dreamy pumpkin pie, and Becca’s out-of-this-world pumpkin spice donuts. You can download our recipes by clicking HERE!

The night kept getting better as we opened the local cider, turned on Melissa’s awesome Friendsgiving playlist, learned a ton about videography (thanks, Frankie!) and got to know Mr. Elwood a little bit better (he’s the handsome devil with the fur).

Arugula pear goat cheese salad and Thanksgiving place card


Lasagna and potatoes at Friendsgiving


Millstone cider and red wine on countertop


Homemade pumpkin spice donuts


Pumpkin pie


Westie in kitchen


Surrounded by good creative friends, amazing food, and beautiful decor, we ate, we drank, we laughed, and we Instagram‘ed late into the night.

Before we all left, everybody took home the ultimate party favor for the chilly nights ahead. These personalized photo mugs are THE perfect gifts for Friendsgiving guests who love coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Plus, now we’ll have something to remember our first Friendsgiving!


Girls laughing at Friendsgiving celebration


Photographer holding camera at Friendsgiving


Laughing at Friendsgiving


Personalized photo mugs as party favors


I’m pretty positive this Friendsgiving is just the beginning of a tradition we’ll keep up for years to come. I hope you’ll try it, too!


Planning on hosting your own Friendsgiving this year? Download our recipes + your free, Thanksgiving-themed invitations, place cards, banners,and more right here.

Then, order our custom press cards, *NEW* photo mugs, or get ahead on the next holiday with holiday cards that were designed and curated by all of us!

Now it’s your turn to share…show us how you Friendsgiving by tagging @nationsphotolab and using the hashtag #NPLFriendsgiving on Instagram!

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