10 Awesome Sources for Free Lightroom Presets

10 Awesome Sources for Free Lightroom Presets

If your photos are looking a bit lackluster or you just want to add a professional touch in a few easy steps, look no further! Transform your everyday photos and have them looking crisp, sharp and clear with these 10 free Lightroom Presets.

1. Be Art Presets

Be Art Presets has over 10 styles of free Lightroom presets for you to download. Whether you are looking to edit your newborn at home or your avocado toast at brunch, this site has plenty to offer.

2. Freelightroompresets.co

Transform your images with 12 free presets from Free Lightroom Presets. We love Skyfall fro your cityscape photos and Cosmic Dancer for a studio looking professional edit. 

3. ON1

You may be familiar with On1 as an editing software, but they also provide many free presets you will absolutely love. There are so many different style packs to choose from, you’ll have so much fun checking out all the options.

4. Free Presets 

Free Presets has tons of awesome options for you to check out. We love some of their film style presets that can give your photos a vintage element. 

5. PSD Stack

If you love landscape photography, this site is for you! Check out the Landscape Preset pack that is perfect for all your outdoor and travel adventures. 

6. Photonify

If you’re looking for a one click edit to some portrait photography, look no further than Phototnify’s portrait preset. This will instantly turn your iPhone photos into professionally edited galleries.

7. Presets Galore

This site has tons of awesome Free preset options. Wether you’re looking for a crisp black and white edit or just want to brighten up some of your favorite shots, look no further than Presets Galore. 

8. Preset love

Preset love has a 300 preset bundle available for free to download! That may seem overwhelming so you can also browse there many options and download your favorites. We love bright white for the perfect edit to your everyday photos! 

9. Phototraces

If you are looking to edit all type of photos, Photo Traces has you covered. From portraits, landscapes and even black & white, you will have fun checking out all the free options this site has to offer.

10. GDome

Perfect for your travel photos, GDome has plenty of awesome presets to sort through. We love the bright blue hue it can give the water in your beach photos. 


Hot tip! To use these presets you must download the free Lightroom app from the App Store or Play Store. You will then import these preset filters using these instructions! Once your presets are added into your app, your photos can be instantly edited in just one click!


What are your favorite editing apps or tools?


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