Enter Our Summer Photo Contest

Enter Our Summer Photo Contest

Summertime is just made for adventures – hiking at national parks, seeing sea creatures at crystal-clear beaches, exploring new cities. Each summer, my iPhone and DSLR SD card are filled with pictures from my travels.

What summer adventures did you take this year? Show us your best summer photo (that you took!) and you’ll be entered to win $100 worth of lab credit! But hurry – this contest is only running through Friday, August 23, 2019 at 11:59 PM PST. Enter below & good luck!


  1. Diane Retzlaff

    The photo I entered for your contest is of Duluth, Minnesota. The Duluth lift bridge, the sparkles on Lake Superior and Granddaughter and Grandpa enjoying a cool summer day. Not all destinations have a warm summer!

  2. This photo epitomizes my favorite memory from Summer 2019. I worked on my online class through June and July, and waitressed every weekend. But for one whole week, I got to go on a beach trip with my boyfriend’s family to Sarasota. This photo was taken on the first night. We’d just had a huge seafood dinner, a pitcher of sangria, and ice cream. We walked outside to discover we’d already missed the actual sun setting, but the scene after was more beautiful than I could imagine. Everything in sight was bathed in the most vibrant orange. Kids were splashing around on the shore, their movements reflecting perfectly in the tide pools below them. A band was set up on the patio, playing something that sounded like reggae. All the visible world was peaceful. All the people I loved were together and happy. I photographed the scene and every time I look back at this picture the peaceful feeling of that moment brings me peace.

  3. Crystal Summers

    My daughter and I went on a cruise around her birthday. A couple of days prior to her birthday and a couple of weeks prior to my own birthday we were blessed to go on a cruise with friends. While there we visited the isle of Roatan and were greeted with the cutest Capuchin Monkeys. Now have you ever had “Two” monkeys on your head?

  4. Just entered the Summer Contest with my “Summer Milky Way”…..This picture is special to me because it was taken at a family reunion in Finger Lakes, NY region….I was meeting my half brother and three half sisters for the first time….I was adopted as a baby away from them and after 50 Years of my life, finally was able to meet them.

  5. Antonia Huston

    The photo I entered is our trip to ocean city Maryland , I’ve been going there with my family ever since I was very young. Now I’m married an have children of my own i have kept the tradition going an we travel there every year. But this was the most beautiful sunrise an sunset I had ever seen that day. I took photo after photo an every shot was amazing!


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