DIY Halloween Costume Series: Iconic Women in History

DIY Halloween Costume Series: Iconic Women in History

Each week in October, the design team will be celebrating their favorite iconic women in history with a DIY Halloween costume project! PLUS – we’ll be recreating some of their most memorable photographs, and showing you exactly how to do it yourself!


'Women, like men, should try to do the impossible. And when they fail, their failure should be a challenge to others.' - Amelia Earhart quote


The fearless and revolutionary Amelia Earhart was not only known for her incredible feats in aviation. She was also a fashion icon in her own right, rocking a classic, menswear-inspired, layered look that remains popular in the contemporary fashion world today. 

Amelia’s signature style is easier to recreate than you may think! Simply pair some fall staples from your closet with a couple of fun accessories to create her powerful look. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

List of costume elements for Amelia Earhart costume


Ta daa! Instant Amelia! 

Should you be asked about your costume’s namesake, here are a couple of fun facts about Ms. Earhart that you can proudly share with friends and trick-or-treaters alike:


1. Amelia was the first woman to fly across the Atlantic (in 1928), and the first person to fly solo from California to Hawaii.


2. She launched her own clothing line, targeted towards women living active lifestyles.


3. She published 16 articles in Cosmopolitan magazine, all encouraging women to fly.


We chose two of our favorite photos of Amelia to recreate:

Original Amelia Earhart photos


We really lucked out with our photo shoot location, Martin State Airport. This airfield is right near where I grew up – my father (a former National Guard helicopter pilot) used to take me here to look at the historic planes.

While we were onsite shooting, we learned some awesome facts about this place. Martin State Airport was the very first to hire women to work on planes. That’s right – this is the birthplace of Rosie the Riveter! *DIY tip: if you’re looking for a similar location for your photo shoot, check this website for more information.



Vintage planes at Martin State Airport



Amelia Earhart exhibit at Martin State Airport



We brought along our original photos for a reference, found our favorite plane, and started photographing like mad (right before a monster storm rolled in).


'Adventure is worthwhile in itself' Amelia Earhart quote and behind the scenes photo


Our unedited photo looked like this:

Amelia Earhart photo shoot replica raw file

To achieve the authentic feel of our model photographs, we removed any extra elements that weren’t present in the original photo (think: trees, buildings, traffic cones, my ring, etc). Then, we cropped the photograph to make the new version as similar as possible to the original:

Amelia Earhart replica photo cropped version

After that, we added Amelia’s plane number to the wing of the plane. In Photoshop, we then dodged & burned spots in the image to recreate the lighting in the original iconic photo. We finished up the process by adding noise and texture for that “old photo” look. 



Photoshop layers to replicate famous Amelia Earhart photograph



Voila! Photo magic!



Final replicated photos of Amelia Earhart



The final photo comparison – how did we do?

Photo comparison of original Amelia Earhart photo and Amelia Earhart Halloween costume



Before and after photo comparison Amelia Earhart Halloween costume and photo replica

Have any questions about this costume or about our post-production work? Give us a holler in the comments below, and share your own Halloween photos with us on Facebook or Instagram


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