How to Decorate for Christmas with Photo Decor

How to Decorate for Christmas with Photo Decor

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and nothing sets the mood quite like a house full of Christmas cheer! We love adding the traditional holiday touches but like to have fun with our decor too! Check out our 6 ways to deck your halls for the holidays using photos:

1. Letterboard Photo Display

letterboard display

Make it known in your house that Santa is making his list and checking it twice! We love the idea of creating a naughty and nice chart to display your kid’s behavior each day. Turn it into something fun to encourage good, helpful behavior around this crazy time of year. All you need is a letterboard and some 4×4” Prints. 

2. Winter Scenes 

wintery scene photo on shelf

Switch up the frames and photos around your house with holiday-inspired images! Think wintery scenes, your favorite Christmas card photos, or even print lines from your favorite holiday carols or movies to add to your space.

3. Photos as Gift Tags

photo prints as gift tags

Instead of gift tags this year, use 4×6” Prints to display who your gifts are for. It adds a nice personal touch and gives them a little extra something to keep with their gift. Use simple kraft wrapping paper and some twine to hold the prints in place!

4. Pillows and Blankets

christmas photos and blankets on couch

Nothing makes a home feel as cozy as lots of pillows and blankets. When the weather gets colder, we love adding these warm touches to our living spaces. Switch out your normal throws for some holiday inspired decor. Customize your Photo Pillow with a fun quote or some classic holiday-themed messaging! 

5. Photo Print Tree

Photo Prints on Christmas Tree

Display your favorite Prints on a tree for some festive photo decor. If you have a small or secondary tree in your house that needs a little love, this is such a personalized way to display your favorite people. We love the idea of letting your little ones help out with this one so you can avoid ornament shattering while still having lots of fun!

6. Display your holiday cards

holiday cards hanging from mantle

Turn your season’s greetings into festive home decor! Dress up your mantle with your cards using some twine and clothespins. If you don’t have a fireplace or mantle, check out 3 more Holiday Card display ideas here.


How will you be decorating with Prints this holiday season?

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