5 Ways to Say Happy Birthday While Social Distancing

5 Ways to Say Happy Birthday While Social Distancing

As we continue to adjust to a world with social distancing, celebrating life’s milestones – including many people’s birthdays – requires a bit more creativity. Just because you can’t do the big blow out party you had planned doesn’t mean the day has to go forgotten. Here are a few ideas to surprise and delight your bestie or your sibling on their birthday:

Order their favorite sweet treat.

Since the spread of coronavirus forced a lot of bakeries to close to visitors, many have switched to offering their baked goods through local (or sometimes national!) delivery. Send some candles, too, so they can make a wish!

Organize a surprise drive by.

If you’re local to the birthday guy or gal, grab some friends to do a parade of birthday wishes! Trick them into coming outside and then have your vehicle outfitted with balloons and signs.

Transform your space into its own nightclub.

Quarantining with a roommate or some family? Order some party lights, balloons, streamers. Then, transform a space in your home – for example, the garage – into a place you can party all night long.

Get some birthday greetings from their favorite celeb.

Many celebrities are on the platform Cameo, where you can purchase personalized messages from them to you! Scroll through until you find their favorite celeb, and get him or her to wish your bestie a happy birthday.

Remind them of the good times.

Fill a Buzz Book with all of your favorite pictures. Not only will these memories fill your bestie with joy, but they are also a reminder that more good times will come soon!


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