6 Instagrammable Spots in Los Angeles, California

6 Instagrammable Spots in Los Angeles, California

If you’re visiting the sprawling city of Los Angeles, it can be a bit intimidating to figure out where to start. LA’s massive size means there’s something for everyone to fall in love with, but it also means that it’s easy to miss some of the less talked about spots. Here are 6 locations that double as the perfect place for a photoshoot, as well as a fun place to spend an afternoon while you get to know the real LA!

Moonlight Rollerway

Opened in 1956, Moonlight Rollerway’s decor has been virtually unchanged since the 60s. Whether you’re a pro roller skater or a newbie, the neon lights, retro vibe, and famously welcoming staff make this rink a perfect backdrop for cute candids. By @salamii360


From countless murals to awesome thrift shops to cute cafes, every corner of Melrose Ave is a perfect picture waiting to happen. The walls are constantly getting painted over with something every week, so there’s always something different to see – but don’t forget to check out the infamous Pink Wall! By @dankapavlovic

Little Tokyo

Whether you head to popular picture destinations like the Weller Court light tunnel or just wander around the Japanese Village Plaza, Little Tokyo is one of the most historic towns on the West Coast. There’s no shortage of shopping, art, or delicious food in this iconic district! By @theoriginalmochiicecream

The Getty Center

This free museum is world-famous for a reason – located at the top of a mountain and accessed by tram, the Getter Center is one of the most stunning views of LA. With incredible marble architecture, gorgeous gardens, and a sculpture terrace, you’ll want to explore for hours. Pro tip: visit during the golden hour (read our tips on getting the most out of golden hour here) for the best shots of this marble marvel. By @underpup

The Last Bookstore

Located in downtown LA, this massive treehouse-like bookstore is easy for any book-lover to get lost in, but it offers more than just books and records. The pop-art installations all throughout are designed to take great pics, and there’s even a free art exhibit on the second floor! By @julien_kibler_studio

Santa Monica

No list of Instagram-worthy locations in LA would be complete without mentioning Santa Monica! There’s so much to explore here – whether it’s the fair games and cotton candy, a birds-eye view from the Ferris wheel, a shot of the beach and palm trees, or a picture with one of the many public art pieces located along Third Street promenade. There definitely isn’t enough time in just one day to photograph everything Santa Monica has to offer! By @amyseder


LA has a constantly changing art scene, and there’s a new pop-up museum seemingly every month that focuses on having the most Instagram-worthy exhibits. Make sure to look up if there will be any pop-up exhibits in the area while you’re in town, and snag tickets early so you don’t miss out!

Heading for your own LA adventure soon? Tell us your favorite spots in the comments below!

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