50 Spring Family Photo Ideas

50 Spring Family Photo Ideas

After such a long and brutal winter indoors, spring is finally on the horizon! It’s the season of blooming flowers, new life, and seasonal allergies for some. There’s a lot in this season to photograph, so grab your camera and your family! Here are our fifty ideas for capturing springtime memories with your family:

1. Tulips in bloom

2. Butterflies stopped on a flower

3. Farmers markets

4. Macro shots of morning dew on grass

5. Falling cherry blossoms

6. Dyeing Easter eggs

7. Going on an Easter egg hunt

8. Robin’s nest in a tree

9. Playing tag

10. Blowing dandelions in your backyard

11. A picnic in the park

12. A caterpillar building its chrysalis

13. Visit a botanical garden

14. Splashing in rain puddles

15. Walks through freshly green forests

16. Sitting by a waterfall

17. Go strawberry picking

18. Catch some early morning fog

19. A babbling brook

20. Running through a field of flowers

21. Buzzing bees in your garden

22. The return of the golden hour

23. A fawn in the field

24. Fallen petals on the grass

25. Catching worms

26. Decorating sugar cookies

27. A hummingbird at your feeder

28. Starting a garden

29. Flying a kite

30. Watching your plants grow

31. Doing a paint project together

32. Dog walking on a deserted beach

33. Making & posing with flower crowns

34. Watering your hydrangeas

35. Ducklings in a pond

36. Baby chicks hopping around

37. Sack race with the whole neighborhood

38. Making a pizza from scratch

39. Cheeks stuffed with marshmallows

40. Visit a petting zoo

41. Pressed flowers

42. A family bike ride

43. Catch some tadpoles

44. Make a terrarium

45. Hunt for shamrocks

46. Blow some bubbles

47. Play dress up

48. Look for rainbows

49. Plant a tree

50. Skip stones in a creek

What spring moments will you capture this year? Make sure you get them all printed! Using the Nations Photo Lab app, you can print from the grocery store line, at the park with your friends, waiting to pick up your kids from school – really just about anywhere.

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