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5 Wedding Photography Styles to Know

Planning a wedding can be hard, and choosing a photographer can be even harder. Before committing to a photographer be sure to check out these musts for choosing your wedding photographer to ensure you know what you want before selecting one. And what better way to simplify that process than to get to know some wedding photography styles ahead of time? We checked out some popular wedding photography styles and narrowed it down to five we think you’ll love. You’ll thank us later. 


Photo by M. Harris Studios



Also called traditional, the class wedding photography style is a must  if you’re looking for a timeless look. The style is usually formal with traditional poses like a family portrait. As this is the most common wedding shooting style, wedding photographers will likely shoot a few classics among your requested style, since you really can’t go wrong with classic shots. Pro tip: and if you’re worried they’ll come out too traditional, give the photographer a little freedom to bring their own modern take on a classic vibe. 


Photo by M. Harris Studios



It’s similar to an editorial in style, but with a spontaneous flare. If you’re in favor of the more candid moments caught on camera, a photojournalistic photography style might be for you. When shooting this way, a wedding photographer will still highlight the best angles and ensure the lighting is just right, but will try to capture the special laughs and smiles shared between the couple to bring out as much of their personalities as possible. 


Photo by M. Harris Studios


Fine Art 

The fine art style is not easily defined, but you will certainly know it when you see it. Often recognized by those up close shots, in a soft, elegant approach, this wedding photography style is intended to tell a story through each image. Crafting the perfect combination between lighting, location, and posing is key to the perfect fine art styled shoot. 


Photo by I Dream in Flowers


Dark & Moody

While this style is certainly a bit edgier than others, it’s really a lifestyle shoot with desaturated photographs in post-production to give a warmer, more earthy feel to the images. If you’re looking for a more laid back or bohemian vibe, request a darker tonality to your images for this sought-after filtered effect. 


Photo by Emily Magers



We all know someone with scenic wedding photos along a sandy beach. While this is just one example of landscape style wedding photography, it’s one of the most common. These shoots require a little extra leg work prior to the shoot to scope out the location, but it’s perfect for any nature-loving couple who wants to bring peaceful energy to their wedding photos. 



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